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Grrrrrr some people here are really starting to piss me off! :mad: FECK SAKE!!!!




Do people not get the hint! Feck sake.

Then had to go say i wanted to quit college. Can't even do that till about next week.

And to top it all off she's pregnant. Great. Last thing this fecking family needs. Not much of family since that fucker fecked it up. Now he's got his girlfriend up the duff. Father at 18. GREAT! :mad:
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Awww hun, I'm so sorry. I'm here if ya wanna talk. I love ya, and it'll all be ok... :hug: I hope this venting has helped ya some. take care of yourself hun. :) :hug:
Yeah thats where i wanted it. Was gonna delete the whole thread but i can't :mad:

Grrrr my mums angry. Grandmother at .... 40. Aunty at 19. GREAT.
Thanks Caz. It don't help when i ain't talked to him in over 10 months or so :mad:

Gonna have the whole bottle of vodka tonight. yay. go me.
Fooking head! need to drink more, make it go away. yay.

Vodka rules. Life sucks. Fuck life. Fuck everything. Fucking fuck or something. Or nothing. Whatever.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i wanted to hit my mum so fucking badly awhile ago. She said something about her mater wanting to kill herself as a joke. Her mates staying with us cos shes had a bust up with her hubby. So there joking around that shes suicidal. saying things like 'shes nearly hung herself' or 'pass her the razor blade' FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck sake. Yeah its really fucking funny!!!

Fucking shit.

Gonna slit my wrist's or hang myself tonight and see how fucking funny it is then!
i hate that fucking PRICK!!! fucking prat!! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG you have no fucking idea how much i loath you. I SERIOUSLY wouldnt think twice about killing you. Thats how much i fucking hate you. FUCKING ASSHOLE.

Could fucking punch you in the fucking face :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

fucking twat!!
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