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    so my parents won't stop bugging me about 2 cans of alcohol they found in my room.. it's really pissing me off, like i hate when people talk about you when you're in the next room, and they keep doing that, and i can hear every single thing they say, and today was shit and grrrrrrrrr!

    i just think they're taking it far too seriously.. like.. 2 cans.. it's nothing really.. but gah.. now on wednesday i have to see my psycologist or whatever, but i don't even speak to him, and i really don't want to go, because i know my mothers gonna bring it up...

    BAHHHH! :mad:
  2. gentlelady

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    I personally would be upset as a parent to find even one can of alcohol in my child's room. They may be discussing about you in the next room, because that is part of parenting and what parents do. They need to work toggether. I am sorry this is upsetting to you, but at least this shows they care about you.
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    Often hiding drink from other people is a sign that someone has a drinking disorder, but from Gentleladies post it seems you are young, why do you drink? and do you think it is a problem? Is it something you do often?