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    What is it with some people?

    Ok using a derogatory term such as druggy i find wholly offensive. But maybe i should post what a drug and substance is? Or maybe some people dont deem coke as a drug. Who knows maybe what i was taking for many years wasnt in fact a drug. Hell i was a hopeless crack and smackhead for 9 years, and ive been clean for the past 2 and a half years now so im sorry but i know a thing or two about drugs. Guess what, drugs aint cheap so instead of spending money on a psychological addiction maybe spend it on hmmmm i dont know the rent.

    Guess what else coke does, it makes you depressed and paranoid, funny that. Oh and it causes obsessions and increases libido. But noooooooo i know nothing about drugs. Stop doing coke and stop the self diagnoses and maybe you might find a bit of peace and happiness and maybe then you can stop accusing me of trying to ruin your life when in reality i couldnt give a toss what you do, i have better uses of my time.

    In fact this goes out to a few people. I am currently doing level 3 in electrical engineering. Do you really think i have the time or the patience to actively go out of my way to fuck with peoples lives? Maybe you should stop listening to people and form your own opinions for a change, you would be surprised at what would happen. Im tired of people being chased off here because of one person. Of course nothing will happen because the said 2 people wont say anything.

    Anyways yeah i guess it was annoying me to no end ill leave it their i guess
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    I get where you're coming from. The term druggy does seem derogatory. And, at least from everything I've heard, coke is definitely a drug. (BTW, huge congrats on being clean for so long, that's awesome and you should be really proud of that)!!! :)

    I remember having a friend who started using coke, and the differences in her personality were unbelievable. Just as you said, it caused her to be more depressed than she'd ever been, and she became paranoid. It was sad that she refused to see what the coke was doing to her, and how it affected the people close to her.
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    Congrats on staying clean so long and i hope others hear you and truly do what is best for them get off all the drugs then see how life will treat them take care