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Ok listen not everyone has a rich mummy and daddy to come and wipe our backsides with a £50 note. Some of us have pride enough to not go running every 5 seconds to ask them to bail us out.

You see the one thing that pisses me off more than anything is people who have a job or are at college or are at school and make wide sweeping statements that everyone who hasn't got a job is a leech, a sponge or are sub human because they are claiming benefits.

Live in the fucking real world, get your heads out of your mummies purse strings and come and see what i have to fucking deal with before sterotyping. Try being unemployed, living on benefits and having to live with what ive got and then you truly know what its like to have nothing. Go kiss your signed poster of Nick Griffin and go fuck yourself.


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No matter what the system, there are people who want to embetter themselves and those that abuse it...I never fault anyone for what they have...it is only when they pretend to be self-made, and are living on someone else's sucess and making judgements about others, that I have problems...those who receive benefits, for the most part, require them...instead, why dont ppl feel compassion for the condition that nessitiates the person needing the benefits?

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It seems to be worse in the UK because of the tory government just love to blame everything on the poor and disadvantaged, and clowns like jeremy kyle help keep the bigotry alive and well


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People look at me strangely when I say I'm on disability, as it is apparent my arms and legs and such work.

People are very ignorant and cruel when it comes to mental disorders I think. And they react to me like I WANT to be sitting around collecting disability, which isn't the case.


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I understand your frustrations Wayne. Many people don't realize we are all not born with the same resources and opportunities and that some have a much steeper climb than others. Sadly, they don't have enough life experience to know any better. Some gentle nudges on the side of the reality check can help them understand ;) . Not always, but it often works.
David Cameron's big society, the biggest bad joke in uk political history.
Know what though?
The voters fell for it.
When will the British people learn that capitalism will always breed greedy, selfish, self-centred control freaks.
Thats why almost all of the wealth is owned by conservatives, simple really.
Makes my blood boil, when will we learn that prevention is better than cure?
When will we learn that by investing in our childrens future and those who are struggling will be the only way forward?
Doh........... I know, lets throw money at the problems.................instead of throwing money before the problems arise.
Now................ i am not condoning the recent troubles in the uk, but there WILL be more, people are pissed off with having little, paying more and seeing the rich get richer.


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I so understand what you're saying Wayne..
my own sister said to me she doesn't live off the government like I do..(I don't speak to her anymore after that)
i worked, paid taxes, married, raised children and worked on our farm and also part time job and now i am both physically and mentally disabled I am discriminated against..
none of us want to be this way
and a saying my Mum used a lot (I'm not religious but its appropriate)
''there but for the grace of God go I''
those that point fingers at us should be wary of Karma
I love the way you phrased your post Wayne..
don't let 'them' get to you *hug*


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I'm ok with government aid, but I think something should be expected in return.

For example, consider food stamps. A LOT LOT of people buy crap garbage food that WORSENS their health AT THE EXPENSE of taxpayers! We have to pay for their healthcare, and their ill habits harm their children.

We have to figure out why poor people tend to be more obese than wealthier people because it's a serious discrepancy!

You know what I think happens? Poor people get down because of their financial situation. So they eat junk food. Furthermore, they're not well educated or motivated to understand things in this world on a deeper level. Thus, they get led around like a flock of sheep from one bad food to another. Lastly, companies dump gallons of sugar in their food to ADDICT their customers. Sugar is also used to reduce clumping or to preserve the food but these applications are specific and do not apply in many cases. I feel very strongly that sugar and bad carbs are addicting a large number of people and the companies know it! It's all about money!

(btw, i could reference specific examples... like people who're addicted to carbonated soft drinks)

Basically, if we're going to help people, we should expect something from them. But we have to be careful how much we expect of them because we might end up doing just as much harm by doing so. Governments can be dumb too.

For example, I don't want my government telling me how much meat I have to eat just because I'm on food stamps. There's too much possibility that the AG industry will get in bed with government and require me to eat 50 pounds every day to satisfy their warped expectations. I am a animal rights supporter and I believe meat consumption should be reduced to one or at most two days a week. I also believe we have to stop supporting the factory farm industry that's raping our animals AND our planet! We have to realign ourselves with nature so things are balanced again. Right now THINGS ARE NOT BALANCED. We over consume and eat certain foods too much.

And btw, being able to earn your own money is the best way to be free, regardless! Government aid is dependence.

The best way to be happy is to be free! Independence!

(i have lived with parents for long time, i'm not directly on government aid, but i know about dependence)
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Ignorance is bliss I guess. Ever wish you could conceptually shatter someone so they break their ego goggles and see the world and other people as equals, and then let them see how ignorant they've been?

Best to not play their games I find. When they play their ego "im better" cards, give em a wide berth and let them either sit in silence or force them to throw a new topic or comment in. Or.. rip em apart. But i kinda think attacking ignorance feeds another form of ignorance in those people. They just instantly define people and thoughts. Waste of time that shit is.

Kinda curious actually, what did this person or group say?
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