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    well that made me feel better, hope this type of thing is allowed here.
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    Grrrrrr.....woof. No problemo amigo. :smile:
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    i know how ya feel. grrrrrrrr is grrrrrreat for letting off steam :)
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    Re: Know any of the classics?

    Any particular reason for the growling, or are you just letting off steam? Go for it, in any case. :thumbup:
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    Re: Know any of the classics?

    I have a lot of issues. I don't really feel like elaborating on it too much but here's cliffs:

    1.Im bipolar and sometimes delusional and reckless
    2. Im 24 and I have never had a date.
    3.Vewry serious alcoholism

    The list goes on for a bit but ikm really depressed sums it up. I happened to have been worried about a conversation I had with my dad at the time.