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  1. Lorax

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    So much pain.. My family is treating me like i'm two. They keep on making me feel so isolated.. Like such a failure. They criticize me no matter what i try to do.. They can't stop making me feel different. I'm apparently the only person in my entire genealogy with severe social issues. They don't even try to understand.

    I feel so damn trapped. I'm trying to appear optimistic. Really i feel like nothing i want can be obtained.. I'm stuck where i am, despite preferring death to it. Yet i can't even do that.

    I'm stressed out. Standard crap, work, money, loosing all contacts in my life, day by day. My deep fear of being alone, not wanting my life to go back to one of solitude, and isolation.. And these hyper-mood switches.

    I feel like i'm failing, with my most basic goals in life. And failing everyone i care about.
  2. morning rush

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    :( :hug: I'm so sorry it's been shitty lately. Have you tried to sit them down and let them know how you feel when they criticize you when you've tried hard. Maybe let them know what you want from them? like support and a listening ear?
  3. flowers

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    Hi Lorax. I hear ya that you have social anxiety issues and more. But are you sure your family is healthy? It seems that if they were, they would not be making you feel bad about what you cannot control. Are you in counseling? If you are, could you possibly arrange with your therapist to have a member of your family do a session with you and the therapist so she or he can explain that this is beyond your control? And that it is literally cruel and counterproductive aka destructive to treat you as they do? I am REALLY sorry this is happening. Whyyyyyyyyyy do people think they can be so hurtful and cruel to people with psychological challenges? Its just horrible what people think they can do and say to people who have emotional/psychological challenges. :hugtackles: