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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Warm Hands, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Warm Hands

    Warm Hands Well-Known Member

    I am in shuch a bad mood.

    I'm angry and just want to yell at someone. Little things are setting me off.

    My parents are away on vacation and so it's just my sister and I at home. She's 17, I'm 19, so obviously we can take care of ourselves. My sister isn't exactly the tidiest of people, so her cleaning standards and my cleaning standards are a litle different.

    Like the other night, she made herself a late dinner, while my eating disorder and I went to bed as I had to get up super early for work the next day. But I woke up a bit after midnight and came downstairs to the kitchen and she hadn't cleaned up after herself at all. There were pots and pans everywhere, and dishes in both sinks, she hadn't wiped the counters down or anything.. Like what the hell. I get if don't want to clean up right away, but at least straighten up a little bit. So I put all her shit in one sink and wiped everything down and she came up from downstairs and was all 'oh... i was gonna do that..." and all I wanted to do was yell at her and be like WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM. YOU ARE SUCH A SLOB. LEARN HOW TO FUCKING CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. iF YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME TO EAT DINNER AND WATCH FOUR HOURS OF TV YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME TO CLEAN UP YOUR FUCKING MESS."

    however, I bit my tongue and said nothing, and went back to bed. So then when I got up a few hours later I came back down to a halfass job. In my mind, cleaning up the kitchen means doing all your dishes, and putting them away, wiping the stove and counters, rinsing out the sink, and sweeping the floor. Which really takes like no time at all. And it's not all ocd cleaning, it's just not having a gross kitchen... right? So anyway I came down to her only having washed her dishes, put some in the dishwasher, and the rest were out airdrying on the counter.

    And this nearly sets me over the edge. I just wanted to punch her in the face I was so angry.

    Then the same thing last night. She made a big mess from the food she made, and she'd been working on a big art project for school and had gotten paint all over the table... Didn't even think to wipe it off? What the fuck. Honestly.

    She did some paper transfer thing and so there were little bits of paper all in the sink... Didn't want to wash it out?

    I put all her dishes in one sink... Woke up and they were all still there... and her breakfast dishes were on the table... Couldn't even manage to stick it in the dishwasher on your way out of the kitchen???

    So I left a big note saying CLEAN THE KITCHEN and she sort of did just a bit ago, but she still didn't sweep the floor... I left the compost bucket in the sink -- which is only the international signal for 'empty me!' -- and she just put it back under the counter.... So then i ask her to empty it and she's all 'oh... k. when I get back."

    lkjadsldfkjsldfkj and then we have a tv up in my brothers bedroom, but he's away working for the summer, so she'll watch tv up there and stuff... and I walked in and there were empty yogurt containers, apple cores on the floor, empty glasses... and empty bag of oreo coookies.... So I picked it all up and put it on the floor of her bedroom. Seriously. IS IT THAT HARD TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF?! Even just toss it in the garbage can in his room for christ sake!!

    And then she just told me she was going to the grocery store to get some candy becuase she wants to make brownies and decorate them. And this is the response I wanted to give her. "YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE FAT?? IT'S BECUASE YOU EAT LIKE SHIT. YOU DON'T EXERCISE AND YOU SIT INFRONT OF THE TV FOR HOURS EATING A BAG OF OREOS. YOU ARE FAT AND GROSS AND NEED TO FUCKING GROW A PAIR AND GET SOME WILL POWER. PLUS YOU ARE DISGUSTING, AND DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF."

    A little harsh...? Yeah. I said nothing.

    I just have so much anger welled up inside and although I very rarely ever speak my mind, I often want to say things like that to people...

    Like the other day at work, I work at a bakery in a supermarket and our department has just undergone a whole bunch of new changes with this new plan-o-gram head office put out... so it's a lot of change all at once and no one likes change blahblahblah. so since it's new, i had a question for my manager about packaging some bread... and she was like 'reading is a great tool...' -- as they sent us this binder outlining all the new shit and stuff-- and all I wanted to say to her was 'Yeah, and so is having a manager that will explain changes to her staff." I mean come on. I get your pissed off about all the changes and hate it, but get over it. I don't like it much either, but they're not going to change it back today becuase we don't like it. It was one little question... if you don't know the answer then get off your fucking managerial high horse and say so.


    Now I'm sitting here crying in anger becuase my sister is going to spend $10 at the grocery store. and whatever it's ten bucks. our parents left us money if we needed it but i just think it's stupid and a waste and it's just going to make her fatter.

    wow I need to stop typing now.
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  2. Warm Hands

    Warm Hands Well-Known Member

    Right. So she just came home and ended up spending $25 and why am I so upset over this...? I'm literally about to breakdown in tears and I just want to punch her - holy violent much?