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guess who's...

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...just kicked himself out again? yup, you got it right, my dad!!! of course, i shouldnt have expeted the peace to last. but it should be quiet again in a few hours... or give it a day at the most... then she'll hide all day and i'll be by myself. of course, i should be used to this by now... theres blood on the floor and on my door - dad's blood, from when he was throwing and kicking stuff around, and then he kicked my door open... grrrrrr i wish mum wouldnt drag me into these fights! but then again she doesnt really anymore.


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Sorry about all that is happening, hun. I really wish that your parents would know the effect of their fighting on you. Its bullshit that you have to grow up in a situation like that... I'm here for ya if you ever need to talk.
thanks ... :hug:


i'm sorry. i have to get this out. i have to somehow, before i explode. no one has to read this.

he was being his usual abusive self... and making threats. they were yelling before, and then mum threw a folder onto the floor w/ all his stuff in it, and he got really pissed. he was saying stuff like 'if you throw that again i will beat you up.' i think he meant it too.

then mum came into my room and opened the door wide and said 'ok then, come in and beat me up, or come in and beat the both of us up. dad started to walk towards my room, but not before he threw the chairs in the dining room and then kicked the fan that was on the floor. somehow i dont think it'll be used anymore, its probably broken beyond repair. then mum started to slam the door, but he kicked it open again. i got scared for a sec, but he didnt do anything.

he started to pack and leave, and mum was yelling at him to f off and stop being abusive, unless he wanted a restraining order. she kept on saying for him to go and not come back - like she always does. but then i got pissed at her, because of all things she coulda done, she hid his glasses - in my room, under my bed. of all places. she kept on telling me not to move them... they're still there.

then she called my grandma - her mum. dad was still home at this stage... grandma was so pissed at my dad and demanded to talk to him. he wouldnt. he just threw a few more papers around in reply...

anyway. he left after a while... she started to clean up. she was talking about what had just happened as if we were just discussing the weather. i took the hint and did the same. i was fucking furious at them... i made myself stay cool. i cant be immature about this - its not gonna get me anywhere.

then she did what she always does, come into my room and rant about it... she kinda had a breakdown after that... i wanted to cry too i admit. i didnt. if i lost it in front of her it would only make her more upset. i just bottled it... like i always end up doing.

she tried to ring up my aunt, she said she needed to talk to someone w/ christian values, like her - she's religious you see. their phone was engaged, and it made her more upset... she started asking stuff like 'why me...' and all that kinda stuff. she finally got thru to her... that was like 10 min ago. she's not crying anymore... she sounds a bit peeved more like it. things are going to change now that my aunt knows, she'll tell her husband and possibly my cousins too. i dont know if thats a good thing or not... i guess it is. :unsure:

oh yeah, by the way, did i mention? not only did he take his stuff, he took all our chequebooks. including mine, and including mums. i'm broke right now - i had to pay for my cadet badge which used up the last bit of my money. i wouldnt be broke though if he actually paid me the 300 + dollars he happens to owe me now.. that's carried over from last year by the way. mum doesnt have a lot of cash right now either. she only has her credit card now... which is nearly maxed out. thanks oh so very much, dad - we have no cash. i hope you're happy. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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i'm so scared.. i mean, i'm not even upset at him anymore. i dont FEEL anything anymore, just like he doesnt. what if i'm turning into him? he isnt even fucking human anymore... he's a monster. i dont want that to be me too. i'm so numb now...
you my dear are not a monster and don't think you could ever become one. I'm truly sorry that he's made you feel this way. You don't deserve the shit he puts you througha nd if i could i would come there and knock his teeth out..im in a vicious mood tonight so i would too. love you tdm. oodles of hugs


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To be honest hun, I hope he doesnt come back and your mum and you can make your own life.
As horrible as it is when a parent leaves when it's this angry, violent and abusive you are better off without him and so is your mum.
Glad she has finally told other members of the family, that usually indicates a move to ending the relationship.

Keep your chin up, you are the innocent party in all this.


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i hope that fucker is gone for good, dev is totally right, you both will be much better off... i dunno what else to say tho... i completely agree with dev and wlb - especially the knocking his teeth out part. you don't deserve any of this and it makes me completely fucking furious that this is what such a wonderful person has to go through. you are no monster and i know you won't be like him, ever

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