Guilt is not a good reason to live

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I just wanted to bring this up. It has been a sore subject for me in particular.

People will say "You can't kill yourself, how will (fill-in-the-blank) feel?"

My mother told me this constantly. She never said "You can't kill yourself because I love you" or something like that. It was always just look what you will do to this person or that.

Believe me, I would have been gone a long time ago if I didn't already worry about my children. But to be reminded of that in that sense was so painful.

I understand the effect it has on loved ones of course but isn't the suicidal person as important?


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I have the same thoughts and people don't care if im suicidal because they will guilt me out of it. For me it's a combination of the other side and how my wife will survive. Im sure she'll do fine, but she will be so emotionally broken she may become a completely different person or even suicidal herself. Which isn't what I want.


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Hi melissa,

Of course you are the most important in this kind of situation…

I don’t know if it’s about guilt…it’s more about love if you look at it from another perspective…

This kind of “guilt” is actually a sign that your love for your mom or children is stronger than the desire of leaving them behind…

We can only hope that your care for your loved ones will help you to find the strength to live…while self acceptance and love is more important of course…

Things change. How you think and feel also change…

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:
I care about my children but they are living their lives. They don't need me now. I am in pain and I would not expect my mother to suffer just for me.
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