Guilty conscience.. And the lucifer effect

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    I have a lot of guilt here about my past however I won't elaborate, there are so many people that hate me it's almost surreal. If I was someone else I would probably hate myself as well. I know I'm a good person despite all of my mistakes. People are just people trying to get by.

    While reading the lucifer effect the other night Phillip zimbardo talks about how we like to think there is something in us that makes us good while in others there is something that makes them bad, however he states there isn't evidence to support this. Most of our actions are based on the situation and only knowing our own viewpoints. Many of us lack the imagination to put ourselves in someone else's shoes with experiences that are so much different then ours. It's almost surreal to think how one little different choice here or there could have altered things in the long run greatly. That reminds me of the movie the butterfly effect. Despite his good intentions going back to change things it never turns out good for him, so he goes back and scares his childhood best friend away and then the result is much better.

    As Jesus said when he died "father forgive them for they know not what they do".
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    I disagree with the statement you said here; Many of us lack the imagination to put ourselves in someone else's shoes with experiences that are so much different then ours.

    For me it's very easy to put myself in others' shoes and I'm not the only one. I think that what people find hard is to accept hardship as it comes because it forges us and makes us better.

    I think the problem with the butterfly effect is that he couldn't accept the mistakes he made and continue on, because in reality that is what we must do...mistakes are viewed as evil and wrong when in fact they are not...mistakes are there for us to grow up and become a better person....we should look forward to making mistakes because that is how we learn...

    about people hating you, I can relate to that...I always expect people to hate me for whatever reason, but lately I've been working on changing my negative thoughts and sort of balance it, because I might think someone hates me but then I discover it's not the case...I think some people tend to be too hard on themselves...
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    You're a good person morning rush I would try to not worry too much about people not liking you but I do understand about wanting to be accepted. Remember though you don't need the approval from anyone else. I've looked for happiness from other people and its almost always lead to disappointment.

    I wish you future happiness and the best if luck with everything in life.