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    Cursed- tortured-punished
    That’s what is happening to me here
    I did these people a favour
    But yet there are tears

    I lived next door
    The abuse I soon heard
    That man was an animal
    His evil in every word

    Their child was bruised
    This was no mistake
    It was by his hands
    For not getting his way

    He should have saw it coming
    I was planning all along
    He assaulted in the evenings
    And abused at dawn

    He was a criminal
    Attacking those who give love
    He is no angel
    Nor a white dove

    I made my plan
    My technique was so precise
    Kill him after his drink
    This plan had no vice

    I did the deed
    I was proud of it too
    I ridded this world of some evil
    The cause of abuse

    But the mother and daughter
    For this I call them insane
    They wept for that man
    And gave evil to my name

    I do not understand
    What have I done wrong?
    I got rid of a bad thing
    He abused them for so long

    If I did nothing he would have killed them both
    So I did the deed
    I showed no evil
    No violence no greed

    But now I am chased
    Every corner I’m not safe
    I am going to get caught
    I can’t win in this race

    When I am caught
    I want you to understand
    I got rid of evil
    Not a good man
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.