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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Canti, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Canti

    Canti Guest

    Okay im confused. Does a flying V guitar sound different to a Stratocaster? If it does, how come?

    Reason why i ask is because i want to know why i cant get a decent metal sound from my Epiphone ´Gidson SG´ rip off. I can get an okay sound with a decent amp with effects on it (overdrive kinda thing exept it was called something else).

    Is there a list of what guitar is best for what sound?

    Does anyone else play?

    Also does anyone play ukulele or mandalin?

    My guitar (yes i know its cheap but im not good enuth to get a decent one yet) >
  2. Matt Skiba

    Matt Skiba Active Member

    The reason guitars sound different is down to the type of pickups and the type of wood used.
    Gibson Les Pauls usually sound "fuller" because they are made from one piece of wood where as Strats are hollow body guitars and have 2 pieces of wood, bolted together at the neck.
    To get a good metal sound turn up the bass and treble on your head and turn down the mids (thats called "scoop")
    Turn the drive and volume up and there you have it. Thats the standard metal tone
  3. Smythe

    Smythe Well-Known Member

    The amp has the most effect on your sound.
    but generally the pickups are what determine the ability of the guitar itself.
    specifically, single coil vs humbuckers if your talking about metal.
    you could buy a pink hello kitty brand strat, throw some emg pickups in it
    and you'd sound as metal as you could ever want.
    generally the best guitars for metal are made by jackson, ibanez, esp and bc rich.
    I played a mandolin once, I liked it alot, but i'm poor so I couldn't buy it :p

    some info on pickups -

    a list of guitar reviews
  4. Canti

    Canti Guest

    Thank yois. And actually my first elelctric WAS a pink hello kitty fender lol.
  5. Matt Skiba

    Matt Skiba Active Member

    thats hot as fuck! I currently bang out on a black Gibson LP Studio
  6. Smythe

    Smythe Well-Known Member

    :laugh: sweeeet!

    very nice!, I want one. while I'm at it, I'll take a hello kitty one too ;P
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