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  1. Will

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    I finally finished making that guitar Hanger for my signed guitar :) . It took a long time, and I was being helped by my uncle (he's a carpenter).

    The hanger itself was made from 2 sheets of MDF board (1 inch thick), which wasn't super expensive, but yeah. Then, we needed hooks. And couldn't find the hangers that you nail in the wall, so we actually bought 3 of these 'bike hangers' (they were 1.50 each, sturdy and had felt around it). So they had the screw-back ends, so we had to grind it down to the 1 inch of the board. So after that, we got the guitar, and we traced out an outline, but made is about 2 inches bigger than the actual tracing (which was a bit bigger to begin with) to give it like a drop back effect, almost like a silhouette.

    Afterwards, we cut the shape out, and sanded the edges to be super smooth and rounded. Glueing the 2 pieces together with wood glue, we let it dry and stuff. So for paint and stuff, we sanded it down even a little more, and got 2 things. I bought some basic Gloss Black paint, and some acetone. I ofcourse don't know how this stuff works :p but he does, so he was doing it. He just mixed the acetone with the gloss black paint, and sprayed it.

    He also used something to give it that metallic shine, but I don't know exactly. So after it dried, we screwed on the hooks and hangers again. Took awhile to dry, but it's finally finished.

    The guitar itself is awesome, it's a Schecter Diamond Series Gryphon (Limited Edition), signed by all members of Three Days Grace and Seether.

    So finally, I finished it, it's nothing really THAT great, but I love it.


  2. Spearmint

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    Looks pretty awesome, Billy, it's cool that you finally finished it. :smile:
  3. Allo..

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    That is so darn awesome Billy!!!!
    I WANT!!
  4. Shauna Lea

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    That's awesome dude! I'm rather jealous but I'm pretty sure I need a paramore one!!!:laugh:
  5. Petal

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    well done :hug: