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  1. You do not know my circumstance
    Nor do you know how hard I’ve danced
    to tunes that were not of my calling
    Once strong, to find myself falling, endlessly,
    while the song in my own heart,
    died without mercy

    I who knew spirit and life,
    who knew the kingdom is inside,
    and our own worth is love of self
    honouring small births and deaths;
    I held these gifts innately, firm
    through bitter truths as kindly words
    I only wanted to be heard
    It is good to argue with the wise
    and wait to open both our eyes
    for both of us have much to learn;
    True wisdom is not found, but earned

    humbly ~ FAL1
  2. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    So tell me.

    If the tunes were not of your calling why did you dance.

    Songs never die, they merely fade and wait to be revived.

    Then speak up.

    Do you feel like I have not earned my wisdom (not that I am saying I am wise)
  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    What makes you think FAL1 was referring to your wisdom? It was just a beautiful way to put that thought into a sentence, but I don't necessarily think she was referring directly, or only, to you - perhaps to everyone in general and no one in particular.

    just the way I read it.


  4. * * *

    Guru, again thank your for the reply... I explained some circumstacne in the other note. Having to dance meant going with the flow through mnay horrid and taxing things. Now in true paradox, it is also said that only dead fish go with the flow. And as all things hold some truth, i fought when I ahd to as well. But no remedies were found and I have been floundering for some time. It is very painful and disorienting, to have too many things happen one after the other when there is no chance to heal or recover. I had a nervous breakdown in March this year after one too mnay of such things - the mind can only take so much. Yet in attempting to heal for this "break", I was then thrown into even further choas in my life! It simply does not end, when I am already weary beyond words. I DO speak - I write a weekly internet column examingin life, views, people, the world - and I write forthrightly. My expressions are of my experiences and observations. And waht I meant at the end is that wisdom can be gleened from observing with open eyes. Yet my eyes have seen too much it seems. Certainly you have earned your own, but I have found that one can never know enough - that is - one is never "finished", albeit one can become so utterly weary that, yes, the wisdom seems to disappear. This is my present state.

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