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  1. Guru,
    answer me this
    I, not the only one to question
    what happens to bliss,
    faded or stolen or
    blown away by all four winds
    of life
    through far too much struggle and strife
    Overwhelmed, over-burdened
    Guru, wise one
    Your faith is strong
    But what happens to one who for so long
    made and kept their own peace with all that is
    through joy and sorrow;
    Who found a blessed place
    in past todays as all tomorrows
    Once certain of
    the risen curtain, the veil lifted,
    shown compassion and wisdom, gifted,
    marking the path to the inner kingdom

    Where does Heaven go ~
    I wonder
    Do you know?

    Do not think I challenge you,
    for what you now know,
    I once knew
    Yet in my place,
    what would you do?

    humbly ~ FAL1
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  2. GuruSwaharati

    GuruSwaharati Active Member

    Bliss never goes anywhere, it never gets stolen just misplaced.

    Some of life is a burden and most of it a struggle….we have one redeeming feature that is the ability to hope.

    I do not understand this it is a little erratic perhaps a little explanation?

    I do not believe in heaven…when you die you cease. Not going anywhere, never coming back.

    What I always do, get over it and move on.
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    thank you for replying...
    I agree (for I once was able) about moving on and gleening lessons, but I've been besieiged for many years now by overwhelming circumstances that have inevitably, sadly taken their toll on me. I once was strong and at peace, yet every move I make and every step I take now these days takes all of my little remaining strength. I've seen much tragedy and turmoil in my life, so much so that it has worn me down. I'm but a shadow of my former self Guru. And while I have tried to hope and cling to what remains of my wits, I've been driven to the point of madness. And in this state, it is nearly impossible to heal, to hope, to recover. If my bliss (that is finding peace in a moment) is "misplaced", well then indeed I can no longer find it. To me, heaven was my state of mind - not a specific place - feeling whole and at one with the universe and life - with the glorious energies within and around me. But as I said, it's been replaced by depression (severe) and PTSD. Sometimes I feel as if I cannot breathe, and my addled mind is beset with uncontrolable worries and the feeling of being an unworthy failure, though I know I have survived much (the list would be too long and incredibel were I to get specific). Does this explain things any better? I once held your philosphies. I miss them greatly but am besieged for so long now....

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