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Ideas & Opinions Gut feeling is screaming this is wrong


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I've been desperate to move out of my apartment ever since I moved in, almost 2 years ago.

I finally have an exchange offer. I should be thrilled. This is what I've been desperate for for almost 2 years.

Except, I keep getting this horrible gut feeling that this is a bad idea and I have no idea why.

I'm starting to hope that a problem arises where I don't exchange with this person.
I'm sorry. Do you normally suffer with anxiety? Sometimes I get similar feelings where I worry about change, even if they change seems good, and I can't pinpoint the reason why I am worrying. Do you think you could try and rationalize the situation - sometimes I like to go through the change step by step in my head. I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Sending hugs *sadhug.


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I do suffer from anxiety. I'm not sure but I may be worried about the location that I will be moving to.

For now, I have to view their properly and they view mine and decide if we still want to swap.


There's uncertainty about where you're going so no wonder you're feeling anxious about it. The place you want to leave, were you very unhappy there?


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You can only make the best out of the decision you took, and not have any regrets. Generally we regret things we didn't do rather than the decisions we took.

I get being anxious, but change doesn't have to be bad. Don't look back. If there are no problems, so let's not create any. ;)


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I've hated living in my current apartment since I moved in almost 2 years ago. The apartment itself is lovely but the neighbours are terrible and the reason I've been wanting to move.
Just like your apartment, there may be something terrible about their's that makes them want to move.

I would say either bail out or proceed with caution.

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