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    I really wished mark never fucking text me now, its given me the hump. Ok, ill explain whats happened. Early this morning i get a text from the person running Hardcore Til I Die In the Sun. They asked me if i wanted to go over and do a set for old times sake because usual crap we miss you we want you etc. bear in mind the asshole knows full well why i dont do that shit anymore, too much temptation etc. then he offers me £2000 for what is essentially 3 hours work, bastard. Ive got no passport anyway so i had to turn him down, no choice in the matter.

    Ok, heres the clincher, talked to a few of my mates who are doing sets over their, turns out all the flyers theyve sent out with all the people who are doing sets are at the moment unconfirmed. Theyve fucked up bigtime because this is a 7 day rave in spain and for the last 2 days theyve basically got 3 people who are confirmed. I got the hump because i got into drugs in a big way doing this shit and now they want me back, fuck that.

    Sorry if this seems like a incoherent rant, thats because it is because ive had no sleep for god knows how long now and am shattered, just wanted to get that out
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    It's not incoherent, it makes sense. Would have been so much easier if he never sent the text in the first place.
  3. Kaos General

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    Yeah thats what i thought