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    Okay so i have this boyfriendd . His name is Brennon, andd he is just amazing but doesnt act like a boyfriend he acts like a friend.. we hold hands and shiet but he talks to me like im more of a friend then anything . Anyways , Friday was my 8th grade dance and me and Diego <3 we slow dancing . ( Brennon is a 7th grader, and Diego is an 8th grader ... like me ) .. I freaking love Brennon but he isnt stepping up . Diego knows exactly what i want and he acts like a boyfriend to me and we arent dating .. HELP MEEE ! i dont know what to do anymoree. :( i dont wanna hurt Brennon but i thinkk i'd be better of with Diego.
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    you are so young you will have many friends before you find the right person for you. Be friends with both guys don't make commitments yet. hugs
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    I agree with total are really young although it may not seem like it. frankly you shouldn't be doing too much relationshpy type stuff anywyas, hand holding sure but the intense stuff probably not. if you wanna be in a relationship that's fine, but be with someone you like not someone who is more into boyfriendy stuff because there's plenty of time for that in the future
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    I know its cliche but i agree with these two guys also xx
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    I agree as well with what everyone is saying. Especially FBD.