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Guys are so bloody confusing.

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Well thats that then. One of the few people keeping me here just hurt me. Guess i hurt them. Wouldn't shut up about it, said he wouldn't be annoyed and what happens!

Why say one thing if he's gonna do another? (a bit hipercritical from me i know, but he said he wouldn't be annoyed and then he flips put on me)

I thought ............ well it don't matter anymore. He don't want fuck all to do with me. Said I've 'hurt' him. Since when was we anything but good mates. He even said it himself! Ok we flirt OUTRAGEOUSLY and yeah some things have happened between me and him but nothing that serious.

What the hell am i meant to do? He's told me he don't want a relationship but then i can't even talk to another guy without him getting annoyed with me. I love him to bits. He makes me so happy. But its not like i can go the next few months without talking to another guy. Seriously what am i meant to do? Why the fuck have guys gotta be so bloody confusing.
Why say one thing if he's gonna do another?
I think most people do this when they like someone. They say what they think the other person wants but their actions show their true feelings. Unfortunately they might never admit to having those feelings, even to themselves. It's a rare person who can be honest about their feelings. Hun don't settle for second best, you deserve someone who isn't gonna mess you about and who respects you enough not to try to second guess you.

We have talked it through for the last hour and a half. Told me what he wants me to do and what he wants so guess i gotta do it. Tis even more confusing lol.
Well he was honest. I can do what he said. I asked him if thats what he wanted and he said 'yeah, in a perfect world' but i can do that. I don't wanna hurt him and thats what i did. One more than once occasion.

Says he wants to be mates, then said he wants to be the way we was (what ever that was) He makes me happy and if i feel they way i said i do about him, then i'll have to stop what i did i guess :unsure:
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