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  1. corang

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    I seriously hate them so much right now. Some SOB hacker made our last computer a paperweight. Now either him or another hacker is going after my laptop months later. I understand hackers stealing credit card numbers and money but this (these?) jackasses are just trying to destroy my computers for fun. I wish i was better at computer stuff so i could backtrace him and wreck his computer as much as possible for doing this shit to me.
  2. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    Do you have a firewall program?
  3. corang

    corang Well-Known Member

    Norton firewall (pretty big company) and we got Spyware Doctor that was listed as the best by PC Magazine for a few years in a row. Neither can catch this thing as far as we can tell it hasnt done anything yet and the hacker is stuck trying to get past the firewall. Its good were keeping him out but if hes persistant enough and good enough hell eventually find a way through. I dont know if i already wrote this but now we set up the firewall to tell Norton if he tries again and it catches him itll notify Norton and theyll start a police investigation against him.
  4. Brianw

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    dont use Norton it has so many back doors its not funny use zonealarm instead cause its more reliable
  5. Ranxerox

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    Norton is rubbish, try avast or eset. Also if your windows isnt up to date then it will be really vulnerable.
  6. JonathanK

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    There's alot of free manuals online to understand that sort of thing. In fact, I downloaded the cisco, ccna 1 and 2 course material for free off rapid share. Look up some manuals in google. You can learn about firewalls, wireless security, the different ways that that are used to spread viruses and worms, etc etc. "A+" or "Network +" manuals would be a good start.