Had a good day yesterday and now, not so much

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    I kinda forced myself to have a decent day yesterday and now I feel like I'm crashing from that. I got myself up, did my makeup, and went for a long drive. Didn't go anywhere in particular, just needed to get out of my room. I even ate after like three days because I hadn't had the energy the past week. I started having issues with the whole missing my ex thing as I mentioned in a different thread a couple hours before I went to bed but shook it off the best I could and pushed it down. I went to bed around my usual time and woke up multiple times because I kept having nightmares and dreams involving my ex. I feel like every time I start to feel better about us not being together, he pops up and I have to start over. We haven't had a proper conversation in almost two weeks and I've been doing my best to remain no contact, but things like this don't help.

    I feel really out of it and sad today. Part of me wants him to message me but the other part of me wants him to stay away. I'm trying my best not to cry as I type this but it's been a long morning and I'm exhausted from the lack of sleep. I know everyone says time will heal everything but waiting is so hard.
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    So sorry you're struggling. Know we're here for you.

    Just wish I could make everything better but here if you just want to talk. Message me anytime if you want.

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    Hey Srhx, relationship breakups are tough to get through. I felt like you do more times than I care to remember and it does seem like it's never ending. I don't want to say it takes time cause that's the last thing you want to hear when going through this pain. It sounds like you're doing the right thing by getting out and driving, anything to get out of the house and distract yourself is good. Just know that somewhere down the road things will look different and maybe you will meet someone you're meant to be with. Take care of yourself and remember you're no longer alone with SF, most of us have been through similar things and will support you as best we can.
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    Im sorry you didnt have that good of a day. But proud of you for getting out. Im sure that nice fresh air helped for just a bit. As I said before, just got to take it day by day. You will get through it and Im sure we all will help you achive it.
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