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had a good poetry day


can’t toast bread without burning it
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there’s a new poetry meetup near by me so i joined it. i’ve gone to two; last saturday and today. its a tiny group. in fact there was only me and the organizer last week and only 3 people this week. i feel sort of responsible to help in nurturing it. poetry meetup groups are so fragile. i’ve been searching for one for so long. i tried to start one, a couple years ago but that was a big heartbreak. so i really want this one to succeed. conversation last week was quite lively and this week too. and for me to be involved in conversation at all and this conversation being lively it must be something i am really connected to. i came home feeling pretty happy!

i’ve been suffering from severe long running writers block and have not been able to complete my prose work so it would be suitable to submit to my prose writing group. that’s been kind of sad. but i’ve been thinking poetically lately and have attempted a couple. i think good things are going to start happening.


can’t toast bread without burning it
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That's so great!!!*thumbsupI want to read your poems!
You will write many wonderful poems and good things will happen!:)
Ah, I also submitted a poem to my writing group last week that was not received well. Fortunately I like the poem so I don't care what they say. They are not really into poetry. Raven, you can find the links to my poems usually at the bottom of my posts. Anyway now I'm hoping the poetry meetups will work out better than the writing group. Feeling optimistic 😊🌞🦁

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