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had a long talk with my wife

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first time we actually sat down and had a mature discussion
instead of me crying and her avoiding the conversation.

she's still divorcing me but she said that she really didn't want
me to die,and that she didn't hate me.

she said it was a way to protect herself from feeling like she
had to stay with me.

first time she showed me any feelings, it doesn't make it any
better still not having her but knowing she thinks my life is
worth saving maybe i do to.

i'm not saying that i'm going to be ok, it just gives me some
little bit of life.


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Am glad you were able to talk :smile:
Now you can concentrate on getting you right.
You will grieve for the loss of your marriage, but grieving is part of the healing process.
If you need an ear, please feel free to pm me.


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*agrees with Terry* Your life is worth something, and you shouldn't die. I know it hurts, but you can rebuild. Here if you want to talk.


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Ten I'm so pleased to hear that she said that and it's given you some hope
agree with Terry also about the grieving of the marriage..
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