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Had A Nightmare About My Parents Trying To Kidnap Me

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Had A Nightmare About My Estranged Parents Trying To Kidnap Me (Long Read)

I am estranged from my parents. But recently a family member contacted them and told my parents about my depressed state. I am not sure how much was said to them, but I feel they have absolutely no right to know anything about me, nor who I am....or anything else whatsoever. I don't want them to know a THING about me.

I value that privacy; and it was breached. This family member was even going to challenge my parents to come get me; and often tells me to go back home, in an attempt to somehow get me to appreciate what I have here? In any case it's disturbing, and I became very disturbed when they mentioned that they were going to challenge my parents to come here and get me (as if i would have gone with my parents?). In any case, it's messed up, and now I had a nightmare about it:

Nightmare Start:

In the nightmare, I am heading into a church that my immediate family (parents, brother + sister) and I used to go to when we were all together. But I am heading into the church with someone else. As we walk we are told where to be seated by some church clergy, and I sit near the front next to the person I am with. It appeared as if I was with a "friend", and their family...and that the friend and their family had also driven me to church with them. Then, my parents come in. They choose to come sit literally by me (my pew was full, as were the nearest pews to me; but the parents of the person I was with were also sitting further back).

I became worried, and felt like my parents were specifically 'targeting' me out.

Then, a sticky note with some writing on it was passed up the pews, and the friend I was with looked at it, and handed it to me. On it, was a statement that I am no longer getting a ride with this family...and some words were underlined for emphasis, or crossed out. I realized instantly that my parents had some sort of influence on this, and wondered what it was that they had said to these people that made them write something like that. I felt instantly angry, and upset; and realized that I needed to avoid my parents at all costs now; which seems impossible when we are in the same building, and when they clearly are after me.

The nightmare shifted to a time later in the church, where people were leaving, or were socializing. I quickly ran to go find a place to hide, and ran toward an exit that leads into other parts of the church; so that my parents could not easily find me.

I ran fast in hopes that they would not see which direction I went, and I ran down into the basement. There were some things there, probably Sunday school things. A Piano was there, and the first half of the piano was uncovered (it had a different kind of key cover)...so I pecked a few keys to see how it sounds. Noticing it sounded well, I tried opening up the other half of the cover, which was a hinged sort of wood covering on the other right half of the piano. I lifted it up, but then decided that the Piano is too loud to play anyway; because others could hear it...and they might come and ask me what I am doing. So I put the cover back down.

Then I heard some noises, and instantly felt that it's my parents coming down the stairs; and I was correct. So I ran again down another set of stairs, and I tried to be quiet about it, so that they would not hear someone clearly fleeting down the stairs away from them. That would be obvious that it's me, but I still felt like it was making too much noise. This continued, that there was another sub-basement that I could go into each time: It was basement after basement, I passed by things, but quickly went to find the stairs and go down, and go down.

Though I was running, and they were walking abruptly; the still came down each set...and they never bothered to check the rooms.

I got down one more time, down another floor, by now I was at least 5 floors or 5 basements deep...and this time I curved around the above stairs to get to another down-stair set....but there was no more down. I was out of staircases...so I hid underneath the staircase, this time, and tried to force myself as much as possible into the end corner of the stairs so that if they looked, they would not see me. It was dark underneath the staircase; though at the top of each staircase there was a hall light, which slightly illuminated the rest of each room in the basement floors.

In any case, they directly go to the part that is underneath the staircase. They even have a flashlight! I hear my father ask my mother to use it to look and see what is there. She shines it, and I hold my breath, and stay still...waiting for her to notice instantly that it's me, and grab me and pull me out. But she doesn't... and my father asks her, "Well what do you see?". She goes "I don't know...it looks like some sort of archery, bow and arrow thing.". Then my father says something like "Well then you are not seeing right, give me that" and he takes the flashlight from her hand.

Knowing he is looking I move to turn my face, so that my skin color (it's really light, but my clothes were darker), could not be seen. I turned toward the stairs...but even in doing that, my father says to my mother "No, it's not that....it's her!" And he pulls me out. He's got me by the collar of my shirt and is literally dragging me up each stair set, my mother follows. I am trying to resist, and it's choking my neck as he pulls against it. I am yelling....

And as they get to the near front entrance of the church, I am hoping that someone will come out that entrance (the doors that lead into the main church area) and leave, so that I can get help... The doors were closed, and I try to grab a hold of the wooden handles on the doors, and my parents are pulling back at me, to drag me out. Luckily someone opens the very same doors, and it's a senior in a type of electronic wheelchair being wheeled out; and I grab onto his leg, and scream, and scream for help; and yell trying to explain that they are kidnapping me.

My parents let go, and now a scene has been made so other people from inside the main church area come to see, and I show them the red marks around my neck (my neck looked like it had been strangled, because he was pulling me by my shirt, and it had prominent red rings all around it...), and explain that my dad was choking me, and that he's trying to kill me. After this, since my parents are being reprimanded by the church goers with my obvious physical evidence; I go back through the main church area, and again go to leave out the side or the back, so that my parents cannot see me.

I try to get into the gymnasium area; it's an area where they sometimes hold food banquets; in hopes that I can leave out the doors from inside there, but the door to get in is locked. But there is a door adjacent to this door that goes out the side front, which has a sidewalk leading into the back. I quickly rush out that and start running. There's ice on the ground. It's the kind that has melted, and froze, melted and froze; so it's very wet and slippery because it's slightly warm outside. This slows me down, and I become glad that I am wearing running shoes, so that I at least get the most grip.

I run through the alley, and think about what street I can run onto next, to hide. I figure that I can't go run down the street I need to, to get back into the city....because that street is a main street which my parents would drive down. I choose the street to the left of the main one, and start running down it. After a while, I start to get more calm, realizing that they must be gone by now, because a long while has passed. But then I hear police car sirens. I realize that these cars are not just coming in this area for nothing.

I run up the sidewalk of a residential house. There's snow on the ground, and it's relatively high, so I lay down in this sidewalk, between the snow piles on their lawn; hoping that the police cruiser will not see me as they approach. But they do see me, and they stop. My dad gets out and the police approach. I am really scared now, thinking that he has the police on his side, and that I'll be forced to go with them. They go to detain me, and grab me... I start screaming to the police, that my dad is a Pedophile, and that it's against the law for me to be around them; and start asking them how it is that they don't know this....or how they are helping him, when they should be detaining him....NOT me....

They then believe me, and begin to take my dad in, to be detained, and my dad doesn't say anything, he just looks back in acceptance that I won this specific time... and in that moment there was nothing he could have done anyway once they learned his history.


End dream.

The odd part of the dream, is that I am an adult in the dream (as I am in real life); yet my parents are still trying to kidnap me and, even though pedophiles are legally allowed to be around adults....the statements of mine somehow worked or convinced the police to take him away... instead of me. I consider this to be a real nightmare. I am scared that my parents will try something like that; especially since my family member was challenging them to.

After the family member of mine told my parents things, and tried telling my parents how it is that they have destroyed my life; my mother hung up on the family member (no surprise). But my father called back drunk later, and gave the whole threatening speech of "If you ever do anything I'll" something or rather. So that was what really scared me, that he's threatening, so what if they did come up here? I don't want to go back there; and don't have to now that I'm a grown adult. But still, what if I was ever forced into a situation like that where they do try to make me (both my family and parents...or even just my parents?)?

The dream was scary. I hate my parents. I don't consider them to be parents, and hate using that word.....hate calling them mom or dad; but for the sake of reference to explain things in this thread I have used those words. My father is actually a pedophile in real life as well. My mother stands beside him; they are still married. So the dream is accurate in that sense of them both acting together in something.

I left home at 13; turned 14 shortly after. I met them ONCE in between there, with my sister. I stayed at their house for a weekend, when I was 18 I believe. But haven't gone back since; nor have we spoken since. (My mom had complaints and decided to hate me, when not too long after I said I am getting married).

My mother is a complete bitch, and I believe she is mentally ill, on many levels. I even believe that she fuels my father; on many levels to be as bad as he was. She is the psychopath of all psychopaths; my family even said that the things she talked about when they did call. She spoke about how her kids were "stolen" from her. She thinks that social services or the government stole her kids. Her kids, would be me and my brother. Though she absolutely hates my brother, why the hell does she say that "kids" in a plural fashion?

No, my brother and I explained to social services, and the cops, the kinds of illegal things that take place at home. I begged them not to let me go back home; and THAT'S why I was in foster care, not because I was stolen...But she blames everyone but herself. She thinks that other people were influencing me... another great example was her blaming my family member for taking me to court. She believes that the family member influenced me to act against my family. What were we in court for?

Charging my father with pedophilia. Pedophilia which I witnessed, as I shared a room with my sister!

My mother took my fathers side, and destroyed the evidence that we could have used to convict him better....and she claimed that everything we said was a lie. Of course she would, she's a psychopath. She then blamed my sister for destroying the family, then blamed my brother. Then told me not to talk to either, and accused them of brainwashing me. She blames everyone. Everyone else is wrong, everyone else is responsible.

She never wanted kids anyway. This is so stupid. This woman is clearly deranged when she says that her "kids" were stolen, the same very kids who tried for years to get into contact with her....and she refused. We sent her flowers for mothers day, birthday gifts. We showed up at her door. We sent letters....we tried to talk to her after the trail. She raced off. She refused it all....yet comes back and says stuff like that? It's HER who is doing all the bad things here. She even called the cops on my brother and had him removed when he tried showing up at her work just to talk to her; or he tried showing up at the house.

So she's a complete cold bitch; and sits and acts as if she had some huge loss....yet in reality she literally just wants to whine about something she doesn't want anyway. If she had her way, she'd of had more years and time to abuse us....that's the ONLY thing that was taken from her, was her power and control over kids. What a sick bitch. Whine all you want stupid bitch...it's all your fault.

I guess the dream just re-asserts my fears and my "hates".
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I am glad it was just a nightmare and i hope you have been able to settle some since I hope posting about it has released some of the tension as well sorry you are suffering so hugs


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I agree, that constitutes a nightmare. I am so sorry your sister had to live with the abuse, ans I am glad you got out. However I know that's little consolation for the mental abuse they subjected you to, and what you seem to be still subjected to. That's is a scary dream, and so like a dream in terms of it's chaotic attributes. I hope you have been able to sleep well since. :) :hug:


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I agree, that constitutes a nightmare. I am so sorry your sister had to live with the abuse, ans I am glad you got out. However I know that's little consolation for the mental abuse they subjected you to, and what you seem to be still subjected to. That's is a scary dream, and so like a dream in terms of it's chaotic attributes. I hope you have been able to sleep well since. :) :hug:
Thanks for reading Julia :)

I am seeing things that don't exist, as I said; so my sleeping is off. :( . I think I just need to make an appointment with my psychiatrist; not sure if she even wants to be my psychiatrist. I dropped out of group therapy, and didn't show to an appointment I booked with the psychiatrist after either.

I am not sure what they will say, or how they will take that.
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