Had enough (really angry)

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    I know i said i would never "hate" anyone like this after mom died but Im damn close to moving out. I hate (yes Hate) my grandmother so damn much!!!!! Ive been at the barn all day having fun and riding and she has to bombshell me with "why were you so late, i dont understand why u cant be on time" "you know when i used to have a problem with my son Id ground him for a week" and i told I wasnt a kid she cant ground me. Im just so fricking pissed at her. I love what i do, i love working and riding with the horses. Its what makes me happy and if she cant understand that then i will leave. Every single fricking time i come home this happens and im sick of it, she always ruins it and it hurts like hell. I dont need this shit. I want this hosue after they are gone but if it means being more unhappy than i already am then fucking SCREW IT and SCREW HER!!!