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im tired, i dont think i can keep doing this. have had amassive row with my nan and walked out for hours..i shouldn't have done that..she needs someone withher. i'm selfish. nobody seems to care anymore (on here maybe, but family etc) so why should i? maybe i should just do it and please them all. there's one person keeping me going (and if you're reading this IM SORRY, im trying not to bring you down with me...maybe it's best for you if i just went aswell) my dads in hospital, and im trying to look after my nan aswell...i cant-don't want to-do this anymore. worst ive felt in a long time. needed to get my head sorted a bit. im sorry
awww hun :hug: sorry that you feel so low, im sorry to here about your argument with your nan aswell, must be extremely hard esoecually with your dad in hospital aswell, its not best for us if you went, we care bout you and dont want you to be hurt, i think you need a break from things abit i know it will be hard with your dad and nan but you can't keep this up, its too stressful for you to look after your nan and dad while your feeling like this
I remember reading somewhere a while ago, a woman (I think? Don't know her name...) wrote about 20 different quotes out of her own life experiences and one of them said, "I've learnt that we can keep going long after we think we can't" and I'm living proof as well as many others on here that this is true. Don't give up. You've fought all this way so why give up now? To please others? I don't think it would. People get on our nerves and people make us feel like crap but it doesn't automatically mean they wish you dead. If you were to die then they would most probably be upset. I'm sure your nan would be?
As for being selfish... don't think like that. You were mad and upset and when we're like that the best thing for all of us is to walk away and to calm down then return home feeling a little better.
If the main trigger for you feeling so low is about the row you had with your nan, try talking to her about it and resolve issues. After a chat you may feel much better. :hug:
Have you tried talking to anyone about how you're feeling? You say your family doesn't care but have you tried talking to them about your depression? Or even your doctor? With your father in hospital as well as looking after your nan you must feel under some strain and it can catch up with you. If you were to have someone you can confide in may be a weight off your chest.


it is unfair for someone of your age to have such responcabilities thrust upon you with little or no support from family. however given this you have done an amazing job so far and i know that you can fight through this bad patch. i do not see how you can be classed as selfish considering how much you have given to the family.


i hope you feel a bit better soon, i think you will
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