Had it with this life, time to make a new one.

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Rookie, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Rookie

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    Hey all, hope you are all doing well, but I know this will not necessarily be the case for all of you. Not me at least. I am in the midst of an existential crisis. Comparing my ideal world to the harsh darkness of the one i inhabit has driven me to the edge. Now im considering leaving my town in england to live on the moors, hunter gatherer style, because i just dont see the point in a job. Why should i work 8-10 hours a day, so that someone else can make more money? whats the point? I mean, yeah, i'd get paid, but i would just have the money handed to me by one man, and have to hand it over to someone else, just to eat? With my shooting, fishing and trapping skills, i know i could sustain myself, and im good enough at gardening to crop enough to suppliment a protein diet. Whats stopping me?
  2. JmpMster

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    It doesn't stop everybody , though I am not going to endorse it as a pure lifestyle as even in these case it involves some type of salable items to gain cash for things you cannot produce purely on your own - such as the need to repair or replace hunting and trapping equipment. There is also the minor issue of land ownership and the omnipresent taxes that go with that to ensure you never are able to be truly self subsistent. I have often thought how much easier to partake in that life style - but then the reality of the still present need to work to acquire money to give to somebody else for these type of things removes the motivation of not working for money, as well as the knowledge that such a lifestyle while perhaps satisfying to some negates th epossibility of any future improvement and it simply becomes more and more difficult as you get older - there is no such thing as retirement or even vacations or holidays in that lifestyle so getting "out of the rat race" is just another term for working harder and longer without break or reprieve...
  3. scaryforest

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    this sounds ideal and into the wild-like
    also, is it legal and all that
  4. youRprecious!

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    Yeah - understand totally, Rookie...... would suggest seeing "Into the Wild" though first, although I know England isn't Alaska. Sometimes existential crises are gr8 opportunities offering you to see life from a different perspective and deeper level. They can and do hurt, of course, but there's no gain without some sort of pain. The material facts about existence are at odds mostly, with the deeper yearnings of our heart and our real selves that know there must be something more to life than the purely material. However, integration of the material business can be smoothed when we honestly make moves to open up to the spiritual facts of our existence - I know that many don't like this idea, or assume it's nonsense, etc. But experience can put it to the test - your experience of life has left you dissatisfied and wanting to try a new life - and there are other ways in which to find a different and expanded conception of Reality than going bush or becoming a recluse. I am not deriding either of those - if that's what it takes for you I wish you well - just trying to help you understand your motives before doing anything so radical.
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