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Had the same dream again

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by carebear32, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. carebear32

    carebear32 Well-Known Member

    It seems that whenever my anxiety levels go up I have the same dream. There's not much to say. Basically in the dream I kill myself.
  2. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    I saw a psychologist recently who personally believed and studied in dream interpretation. He explained that when we die in a dream, it really never has the meaning that we believe it does. He said that death in dreams can mean that something from our past is trying to tell us that we are done with it, and need to move on. It's our mind's way of telling us that it's ready and TIME to get past maybe a traumatic event.

    Death may also be used to symbolize a hurt that we perhaps have not addressed yet, or a hurt we are causing ourselves. I will give you an example. A man had a dream wherein he awoke in a field, and felt the urge to search for a body. He felt an urgency, and a very strong need to find this body, so he looked for a while. He woke up.

    In another dream following this one, he again searched for a body, this time, with a shovel. He found a grave site, and began digging it up. After a bit of digging, he discovered that the body he exhumed was his own.

    What this recurring dream of his meant, was that he was burying a part of himself... he was putting something away, that he wasn't supposed to be hiding. He was avoiding something, very deep, that his body and mind needed him to look at again, and needed him to see.

    Of course, at first glance, death dreams can be scary, and we feel like maybe we are going to die, or we may feel like we should die in the way the dream suggests... but it seems that it's really just our minds way of trying to tell us about something very deep rooted in us. It could be a past event. It could be a thought, or a feeling. It could be a current event etc...

    I will give a more personal example that I have had, wherein I had a dream that I was in a mall, in a shoe store. I was looking at shoes. I suddenly turned and noticed that out in the parking lot, was a car that had started on fire, from the hood/engine area. It was a small fire, but alarming to me, because I was worried the fire would spread, or get worse (explode).

    I then warned everyone in the shoe shop, employees and customers, to try and get them out to help whoever was in the car. Everyone just stood around, and did nothing. I went outside, to try and help the people in the car. There were 4 people. All were women, the driver was the oldest, and the other people appeared to be her children perhaps.

    When I went to get the car door open to pull her out (the driver), she just sat there, and didn't try to get out... and that was when the car burst into flames all over....and started to burn the people in the car. Horrified, I realized that I cannot do anything more, and it was up to the people to get themselves out of the car now... but they just sat there.

    I could see their faces burning and melting off with the fire.

    This dream, obviously disturbed me. It was graphic, and the bystanders in the dream did absolutely nothing, and didn't care. And the women in the car did nothing to help themselves either.

    I told this specific dream to the psychologist, and he suggested that perhaps since I could not make out the faces of the people in the car, that it could have been myself... a part of me that I cannot see, that is perhaps allowing itself to die, but maybe shouldn't be dying.

    The specifics of your dream, though depending on whether or not it breaks the forum rules, could maybe help you understand where the idea of the dream is coming from too. Perhaps the method may yield answers to you, or where it is taking place.... or what is causing you to do that in the dream (what thoughts or even is triggering it in the dream specifically).

    Also, in dreams sometimes we are made aware of what is about to happen and why, even as the dream begins. We have a sort of understanding of the back story, without the story actually occurring yet... if you get what I mean? Like we sort of know the past of the dream, and then land somewhere in the middle of a dream.

    I hope this can help you understand it a bit better, or come to feel a bit better about your dream.

    Also, you mentioned anxiety, it could be your body's way of telling you that whatever this anxiety for you is, is a very strong internal trigger. It could be a trigger that makes you cause damage in other areas of your life. You may get what I mean, but basically, some triggers relate to our egos and core values. I don't mean "ego" in the proud sense, but rather the egos that we all have. They are known as complexes. Some people have very proud complexes, some have very safe complexes. Others may have inferiority complexes. Every single individual has multiple complexes going for them, sometimes they work in our favour, but sometimes they absolutely do not.

    When our egos feel threatened, they may spark us to react and do certain things that otherwise are very out of character for us. If you've ever had a moment where you said something and later asked yourself "did I really say that? Why did I do that?" etc... or moments when you go "That's not like me? I never do that" etc... that is an example of your ego being triggered, and causing you to react.

    An ego, when triggered will always react defensively. It will always try to protect itself. This means that you will say and do things that are meant to make you gain power in a situation, or control. Perhaps when you are faced with the situations that cause your specific anxiety in this case, your complex is having a difficult time addressing that need for control, and is feeling very threatened.

    This threat to you, could be displayed as an idea that you are killing yourself, somehow, as you mentioned in a dream. The anxiety threat you face, could in effect be killing you inside, in some ways... but not in ways that are beneficial to you, and your mind may be telling you that it needs more tools to help combat it. Or it may be asking you to take a look at that, but is using a very drastic example in the dream to get your attention on how it's struggling.
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