Had the worst day ever

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    I just had the worst day ever. I have been making small attempts at trying to get a girl. I gave up for a long time, took a break. So I thought i'd try again. Turns out she's talking to a guy and we really seemed to get along well. She always smiled when I talked with her. But the guy she is talking to he called me and thretened to "send me to the emergency room". Now i'm not a violent person but when you tell me to stay away from the girl i really like and send me to the emergency room on my worst day (a.k.a today) I just think there is so much someone can take. I went back to the college looking for him, because I was going to knock him out. And I really was, life is bad right now and then this happens. But then I found my crush instead and I agreed not to do anything to him out of respect to her and she said she would talk to him. And then I saw them walking together and he stares me down. He looks like a little dork. I just can't believe someone actually thretened me, and I did nothing at all wrong. And the worst part was she seemed to like me a bit. Then my leg went numb and I couldn't move it, I don't know what happened but I was in pain, then it went away after a few minutes. I think it's because of all of the stress. I just feel like locking myself in a box and not coming out. Everytime i try to go for a girl, something goes wrong or she already has a boyfriend. Right now, I don't feel like ever talking to a girl again. I'm done. And I can say that truthfully. I just want to stay home and do what I always do, play on the computer and sleep. Wish I could go to some island and be alone forever.
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    You can talk to whom ever you want to . Keep being friends with her okay he sounds like a creep this guy eventually she will see what he is and leave and you will still be friends with her. Also look around okay other girls out there willing i bet to get to know you don't put all your eggs in one basket my aunt would say meet lots of people lots of friends join school activities so you get known