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hah. w/e

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I don't even know where to begin...

Too much alcohol...

A friend that's not really a friend..

A married friend who kisses someone else and doesn't see anything wrong with that...

An old lover who is there for me and listens to me and understands me.....

When do we make these choices that foretell our future? Why do they turn out, years later, to be the wrong choices? When does something go right?

So much I want to say. So much I want to share. And no one to actually share it with.

When do I get MY karma?

People talk about karma... what you give is what you get.. well you know what? I've given. And given. And given. And all I've got is crap. So don't talk to me about karma. Kamra is BS. What goes around doesn't come around.


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Hi Rose...so sorry you feel so left out in the Karma route...I know what that feels like and it is awful...just wanted to send my caring and hope you do not change the good person you are...big hugs
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