Empathy Only haha the speech!!!


SF hugger jr 🤗

I wish I could say that the deadlines is finally done which is never but I’m the freak that is immune to the stress who probably is trying not to vent but did so without realising it as if I’m sleep texting again or doesn’t even understood what I’m talking about myself. How many times do I want to go through this? How many times do I possessively wants to kill myself? Keep telling myself not to stress so much about work and deadline will always come but it will still petrify me no matter what. Well, the panic will only got worse if I’m sick or something. But damn fuck feels like a bullet train and I haven’t had the time for myself this month other than resting. I missed school for two weeks due to dangerously high fever, came back feels like I’m knowing nothing and deadline feels as if it’s tomorrow when it’s not just cause there’s so many things to catch up till I’m on the same page as everybody else. Rejection is normal. But being rejected many times when deadlines is near, who the fuck are you teach? Thanks fuck you cut me some slack. Blood, sweat and tears gosh.

Haha and my damn friends guessed right. I kept myself alive by allowing myself to add the fun activities the entire weekend this month so I could look forward too in a way to force myself to look forward to something or just finding something throughout the stressful times to keep me alive as fuck.

But what the fuck am I doing… Why on earth do I make myself tired every week before the fun time comes and at a meeting on a Friday night… How am I still surviving?

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