HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUTS

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  1. Bob26003

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    Concedes U.S. Born President Not a Socialist, Anti-Christ

    RICHMOND, VA - A coalition of the leading Tea Party movement organizations today issued joint statement of gratitude to President Barack Obama for the tax cuts received by over 95% of working American households. In a dramatic reversal of recent rhetoric, spokesmen for Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express, the National Tea Party Convention, Tea Party Patriots and other affiliated freedom-loving groups also announced that President Obama wasn't a socialist, a Muslim or the Anti-Christ.

    The surprise declaration of thanks followed just weeks after a CBS poll found that "of people who support the grassroots, 'Tea Party' movement, only 2 percent think taxes have been decreased, 46 percent say taxes are the same, and a whopping 44 percent say they believe taxes have gone up." As it turns out, Barack Obama as promised delivered tax relief to over 95% of working American households. Political statistician and analyst Nate Silver put the impact even higher, with the 2009 stimulus tax cuts reaching 98.6%.

    "I'm afraid we had the whole 'Taxed Enough Already' thing wrong," acknowledged F. King Loof, executive director of the Tea Party Express now touring 42 cities nationwide. "One of our members saw that his tax refund went up this year. When we did some digging, it turned out the average refund from the IRS was up 10% because of the tax credits in the Obama stimulus."

    Tea Party Coalition (TPC) leaders have revised their position on the contentious health care reform bill as well. Since August, Tea Party members have been telling President Obama and Democrats in Congress to "keep your government hands off my Medicare." The revelation that Medicare is a government program after all prompted an across-the-board reevaluation of Tea Party rhetoric.

    "Surveys showed that 59% of self-identified conservatives and 62% of McCain voters believed the government should 'stay out of Medicare,'" said Tea Party Nation co-founder Tim "Poppa" Vane, adding, "But just because we were wrong doesn't make us any less angry."

    TPE's Loof agreed, "We were kinda off on that whole 'socialized medicine' thing."

    That stunning turnabout came when Dothan, Alabama 9-12 activist Beauregard Longstreet accidentally bought T.R. Reid's book The Healing of America instead of Glenn Beck's best-seller Arguing with Idiots. Longstreet reported to back Tea Bag Central that the health care bill passed last week would leave untouched the American system of private doctors, private hospitals and private, for-profit insurance companies. Over time, he learned, "Obamacare" will cover 32 million more Americans without adopting a British or Canadian-style national or provincial single payer system or enforcing non-profit status or mandated treatment and payment schemes on insurers as in France, Germany, Japan or Switzerland.

    "No, Obamacare isn't socialist," concluded National Tea Party Convention event planner Avril Geste. "But with all its taxpayer funded doctors and hospitals, the Veterans Administration is just crawling with communists."

    Other announcements from the Tea Party coalition on Thursday included:
    The Tea Party is not a movement of independent voters, but merely a continuation of the Republican Party's failed 2008 presidential campaign by other means. As CNN noted, "87 percent say they would vote for the GOP candidate in their congressional district if there were no third-party candidate endorsed by the Tea Party."
    Despite the shared belief of 24% of Republicans, the Tea Party coalition announced that Barack Obama isn't the Anti-Christ. Should Pastor John Hagee or the Hutaree Militia conclude otherwise, that position will be reconsidered.
    Overcoming the objections of the 58% of Republicans who think Obama may have been born outside the United States and the 17% of white evangelicals who claim he is a Muslim, the Tea Party leaders concluded Barack Obama is a Christian guy born in Hawaii.
    The national debt tripled under Ronald Reagan and doubled again under George W. Bush. The Bush tax cuts accounted for almost half of the deficits during Bush's presidency and over the next decade will add more red ink to the national debt than the stimulus, TARP and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.
    The Tea Party Coalition will no longer call President Obama a socialist or communist. After realizing that the Dow had jumped 37% since President Obama's inauguration, TPC went back and discovered that since Herbert Hoover, the stock market and the economy overall do better under Democratic presidents.

    In other news, the leadership of the allied Tea Party organizations wished Americans a Happy April Fool's Day.
  2. friendless

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    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    This made me laugh, teabonics.

    There will be a tea party rally in my town this Saturday and I almost want to go and make a sign that says "socialized education does not working" and stand next to the worst spelled sign I can find. :laugh:
  3. An Angel in Black

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    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    WTF do you get your information from?! o_O tax cuts are you kidding me? hes done nothing but spend spend spend and raise taxes, hes a fraud. its already come out how he was playing with the sensus info to make it appear new jobs were being created because he was too incompetent to actulaly do his job correctly. what do you think the whole healthcare bullshit was about. nothign but a redistrobution of wealth. thats a socialist concept.. how do you not see this?!!! do you even know what socialism is? let me school you. the top 10% of the entire country rule it. hence why the majority of the movie actors and politicians are socialists.. although most politicians are backdoor socialists. the rest of the 90% of the country .. guess what they do. they spend all day being told what they can eat, if they can watch tv, if theyre worth saving at the hospital, what theyre allowed to drive..etc.. anyone who wants socialism just move out of the country seriously.. is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of idiots coming here to try and get away from their government and country and then trying to transform the US into their country therye trying to get away from. explain this! its like being in an abusive relaitonship. but instead of having the option to leave its taken away. damn bro do some research, and please get credible info not obama08.com BS. peace out :cool:
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    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    lol, Hi, An Angel in Black. I think we're like the only 2 conservatives on here! Bob, have you ever considered getting your information from less biased sources? No offense. Letting the bush tax cuts run out, cap and trade, and all the debt he's gotten us into, who do you think pays for that? The reason for the housing bubble and depression we're sinking into now, that everyone blames on Bush, was the liberal democrats that were in the house. People like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who regulated the banks requiring them to make high risk loans to people who had no possible way of paying them back. and the Obamacare net effect for anyone who actually thought that was a good idea?

    "The impact on Americans' health insurance costs remains negligible, and premiums are actually rising as many Americans lose their coverage in a troubled job market. About three in four Americans who buy their own insurance reported seeing an uptick in their premium prices, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released this month."


    From ABC, no less, so you may believe it. Anyway, I look forward to the upcoming elections. Obama doesn't have to worry about compaigning since no democrat even wants to be in the same state as him
  5. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    I don't think our debt could be blamed on any one party or administration. Bush undoubtedly contributed to this crisis more than you might think. He led us into two disastrous wars that have cost us trillions (literally), while expanding the federal government by 40% - all while cutting the taxes that are supposed to pay for such government spending. He also presided over a period of loose monetary policy and naively loose regulation, which fed the crisis and, at the very least, allowed it to happen.

    Granted, tax money and regulation may not have been enough to fix it all, but it made little sense to spend so much while cutting back on the only source of revenue available. This is why the government eventually had to borrow so much and continue wracking up debt in the first place. At least Obama's actions, however flawed, had some basis in Keynesian economics (which has worked in the past and elsewhere in the world), and was found to have actually slowed down the rate of unemployment and economic decline, even if it didn't make it better.

    This debt crisis was perhaps decades in the making. During that time, many administrations and congresses failed to fix it, and often made it worse, whether it was Republicans like Greenspan or Democrats like Dodd. If anything, Americans as a whole should be blamed for perpetuating a culture of unaccountability, unrealistically cheap and easy credit, and a paradox of demanding big, expensive things (like Social Security, Medicare, and such) while also fighting the very means to pay for them (taxes, austerity measures, etc).
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  6. Zurkhardo

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    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    Monarchies, fascists states, and even full-fledge democracies have their top elites. This is hardly indicative of socialism. Capitalism, when in it's extreme, can also breed such top-heavy control (as does communism). Even when our federal government was weak, as it was for much of early American history, we had a 'top 10%' of industrialists and businessmen.
  7. mulberrypie

    mulberrypie Well-Known Member

    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    Hey, I find your posts really enlightening and I absolutely agree with you!! It definitely didn't happen over night and republicans do stray from conservative principles. I just vote republican because they tend to lean towards more conservative ideologies and I'd be wasting my vote on an independant, as bad as that may sound...

    It's kind of funny though, when people blame everything from our current finanical crisis to the BP's oil spill on Bush. Obama's been the president for 1 and 1/2 years, and he think now it's time to assume some responsibility. I'm not a fan of Bush, but I do support him on both wars and cutting taxes. Cutting taxes created more jobs, thus creating more tax income. Whether Obama's actions "slowed down the rate of unemployment and economic decline" is debatable. I think the recession was bottoming out on its own towards the end of Bush's last term. Regardless, up until now all Obama did do is spend spend spend, like me at Bloomingdales. The difference accrue a ton of debt much less pass it down to everyone's children and grandchildren. Everything he's doing (ie Obamacare) is discouraging job growth (sans gov. jobs) That what, trillion dollar stimulus packagewas a waste too. During the G20, he proposed more stimu..lizing (which never works anyways) but the Europe rejected that overwelmingly and has decided to new austerity measures. The republicans shot down the bill they were recently trying to pass for over $100 billion for people that have been "unemployment" for 2 years and a bunch of other nonsense. And as you said, entitlements, like welfare is not something we can sustain or is conducive to a productive, flourishing society. There's many more xamples. It's pretty obvious Obama has been over his head since day one. He is a community organizer, with no experience in running a business, much less a country.
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  8. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    Re: HaHaHa leading Tea Party movement organizations THANK PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR TAX CUT

    Thanks a lot for the compliment. It means a lot to know that. Similarly, there is a lot you said that I can also agree with. I am an independent who has voted both parties, but generally I vote Democrat simply because they *usually* lean to my respective ideologies.

    In any case, I personally found Obama's stimulus package to have been a necessary evil. Admittedly, it's difficult to be sure if it really did prevent a depression or if that was merely a coincidence. It may take years to determine, or it may remain forever debated (there is still disagreement as to whether FDR's policies has any positive impact on our last Great Depression too).

    However, we needed to keep the financial markets from crashing as they did in past recessions, which tended to worsen them. It was a Faustian deal, and a highly unethical one, but that was the hand that was played after decades of allowing these institutions to reach such a level of influence in our economy. Regardless, I can agree that the Stimulus package was flawed, and while it may have slowed down the economic malaise, it has so far done nothing to better it.

    I'll also accept that Obama does bear a lot of responsibility for fixing this country's woes, and that we can't keep blaming Bush for everything (though I'll certainly reserve blame for some things). I would like to think that, in addition to his lack of personal experience you cited, he's simply found himself caught up with too much misfortune beyond his control. He inherited two drawn out, poorly commenced wars, the worst economic crisis after the Great Depression, and incidents like this oil spill - and he's only had a year and a half to fix it all at once!

    History has shown that these issues alone have taken years to resolve, much less all at once. I simply think that we need to give Obama more time and support, and to accept that crises take a lot of time and effort to fix. In any case, maybe a Republican controlled Congress - which is increasingly likely - is what we need to fix this. It would force both parties to work together and compromise, lest they stall government and face more voter wrath in the next elections!
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