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    doesnt matter
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  2. :hug: I hope life gets better for you soon, Matt.
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    I'm sorry you are having a tough time with your money, I hope that gets resolved...but you made a comment it said time to fade time to die...i hope that isn't because of the money issues. Time to fade and time to die..no not good. I love you hun, if you need to talk Im here
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    Hey MJ, I like you alot and see you as a really good friend, I especially like chatting to you about webmaster stuff but wanted you to know that I am here as a friend too if you need anyone to talk to on messenger anytime. Take care and be safe,
    Your Friend :hug:
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    That goes for me too :hug:
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    You are wrong Matt. It does matter. How you feel, what you do, how you are. They all matter. You see, they all matter because you matter. I know you do not share my opinion about this right now, but you can't disagree because it is my opinion. I am entitled to how I feel just like you are. You are a wonderful person. You have a kind heart. Please take care of yourself, stay safe and don't pull away from those you matter most too. Let us help you the best way we can. :hug: