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Haii <3 Here to help.

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Haii guy`s! Maii name is Nikki and I`m new to Suicide Forum.

I`d just like to introduce my self, and let all of the depressed know that I`m here for yoo if yoo have ANY issue`s what-so-everr okkaii?

ii may be young but ii know a lot about suicide. Plenty of my friend`s are suicidal, or have tried suicide before. iit`s easy toget your life back into gear if yoo truely try.

Well ii`m open for all those who need help, and you`re free to email me.

Luff yoo all.

Love Nikkii
mwahh`s________x <3

Enjoy life.
Yoo only live it ONCE.



welcome to SF, i'm sure you're willingness to help those in crisis is very aprecciated. :biggrin:


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Hey yeah welcome we always much appreciate caring people around here!!!!!!

Thanksyou so much for taking the time and hope to see you around.

Best wishes and take care for now
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