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    it's not a feeling it's an objective observation
    I feel nothing
    I can't allow myself to

    feelings aren't healthy for me now
    i need to act like nature
    like the wind... or a rock

    you de-invest in life
    you put down the knot and stop trying, stop pulling
    and you allow yourself to be as foolish and unreasonable and beautiful and innocent as you can imagine
    without guilt
    that's how

    stop expecting happiness altogether
    by letting go of it the same time as you let go of the fear

    i suppose a therapist would call it disassociative behavior
    but I call it peace

    let me tell you, they don't know what they're talking about

    those people study constructs.. 'constructs' of the mind
    the constructs of something so mysterious even to modern science that they have NO IDEA where to begin to figure out how it works
    they can only diagram what happens outside it

    only trust a therapist if you know they've been raped, or tried to commit suicide, or had a family member murdered

    then they might have some fucking perspective

    celexa, down to 20mg's, should be higher
    I felt great when i took 40mg's
    but it felt strange feeling so good, for no good reason
    how about you?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.