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half sister freaked out...

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My half sister freaked out when i left her a note that said not to wait up for me. She called the cops and registered here apparently. she told me all this when I got home. I wasnt even gone for that long. What gave her the bright idea to call the stupid cops anyway? She worried everyone and now Im at fault. I feel like shit, why dont I just do myself in if shes going to think i will???? Fuck I'm upset .


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This is only a testament to how much she loves you. She was obviously worried about you (you have to be pretty freaked out to call the cops on someone), even though she may have shown it in an awkward way (in your opinion). This is not your fault or hers, just a miscommunication. She obviously freaked when you said "don't wait up" based on your tendencies to disappear and/or do self-destructive things. I think it took a certain amount of courage and love for her to do what she did. She's obviously in your corner.


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your sister loves you and was terrified. She didn't know what to do. I know you feel pretty yucky right now...and maybe you feel that it was all a fuss about nothing. But, your sister was obviously concerned about you. What she did was from a heart of love and concern and perhaps desperation based on her fears.

Hang in there Mel.
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