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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by cheekysarah01, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. cheekysarah01

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    im half way through my letter i wrote saying goodbye...

    its not long to go now , and im feeling better and better each day ... i spoke to an online counseller last night over here and she was going to call the ambos on me because of what i told her but i convinced here not to ... she said she will talk to her supervisor tho so i dont know what that means .... untill i get bk online to see what she sez....

    but if she trys n sends somone out then ill just do it earlier it doesnt bother me ... but my dream told me a date and i want to stick to it. .....

    hmmmm .... not as if anyone cares ... but my last note will be on here in a few wks
  2. i have been feeling like that too, i am getting stomach ulcers from feeling so ill and a few years ago i went to get checked out for cancer, but things turned out negative. I wished it hadnt to be honest. It would have been an easy out not to tell anyone and let myself slowly deteriorate. Now i am forced to be more proactive about ending my life. I really have not figured things out yet, but i am looking to sure fire methods as i am too afraid to mess this up and end up worse off then i am now.
  3. Stranger1

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    You need to go to the emergency dept. and take your letter with you. They will more than likely admit you. It isn't anything to be scared of. The staff in most facilities are very helpfull. If anything it's boring. Take a couple of books with you so you have something to do while they evaluate you. I have been in Pinegrove a facility for people with no insurance seven times. And once I got medicare I have been in the mental health ward at the hospital twice. I stay suicidal but between therapy and the meds I am able to tell myself it won't happen today. I tell myself that dailey. Get to know people here on the forum and listen to them because most of them can relate to your suicidal thoughts. You definitly need therapy,but if you can't afford it then seek out group therapy. You can call your hospital and find out if there is one in your town!! Well take care and keep posting.Stay Strong!~Joseph~
  4. Danny Crooks

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    I'm going through a very similar time at the moment, and can empathise with you - I think you need to try & speak to someone. If you contact your local GP, and ask to be referred to the Cat team (Crisis And Treatment Team), they are able to have daily visits (more than one if you feel you need it) and will also give you medication that may help. The Cat guys have been great for me, and have really been there (except yesterday when i went totally off the rails and tried to kill myself, only for a friend to find me and stop me before i did it, but any ways, i digress...) when i need them - I really think you should give it a go, as it may give you a glimmer of hope. Stay strong, there must be bright times ahead (im still searchin, my journey is long)

    Take care

    Peace & God Bless

  5. Dave_N

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    Hi Sarah. Can you please elaborate on the dream that you had, that told you of your suicide date? I really don't think that God would come to you in a dream and tell you that you should commit suicide. Maybe you misinterpreted what the message of the dream was? Maybe Dec. 24 is supposed to be a big day for you in another way? :unsure:
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