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Are you doing anything for Halloween?


I'm going to watch the Most Haunted Live marathon on the Travel Channel, but aside from that, nothing really.
ACTUALLy going trick-or-treating this year. Unlike last year.. when I was grounded. (yes I still trick-or-treat and I'm 16) . Then going to see Saw III with a friend or two..... maybe some TPing of houses.... teehee


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i will be knee deep in snow and candy as i take my troop trick or treatin. will have to pull the smallest in a tobogin. woo woo. all my haloween energy is for them this year. takes alot to co ordinate 4 outfits ontop of life. not gettin one for me together to lazy. beyond touqe and scarf.


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I won't ever celebrate Halloween again after this year, so I'll probably dress up as something...or I want to, anyway, but I don't think I deserve to. Cost too much and bad grades? Teachers will glare at me...


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T.V. marathons, and fudge sound out of this world. I really don't believe in celebrating it. Though, since I am alone this year I need alternative plans.
Thanks for ideas.

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