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Its the day my grandfather died, so in true yorkshire fashion i sit back and smoke a big cigar in his memory and relax....bugger the trick or treaters!


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Also to clear some confusion....Guy Fawkes..... The only man to ever enter parliament with honest intentions :tongue:


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Your nick.. is Slothbear, that made my brain wrinkle trying to picture what that would look like! anyway Halloween here is only an excuse for douche bags and slutty girls to get pissed and ruin things :(
I don't like kids knocking at my door begging,I just keep the lights down and ignore the door.Fireworks don't really bother me but I do feel for all the poor animals that are scared shitless.


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It makes it worse for me seeing as i have no one to spend it with, i won't get invited to a party, can't spend it with my kids and i'm a bit too old to go trick or treating.

I also don't like going to the door, it's not that i'm a miserable git, it's just sometimes you get teenagers knocking on expecting money and i'm like 'get the fuck out of here'.

It's strange though, halloween is the only time adults can give sweets to kids who they don't know and nobody thinks it's weird.
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I have difficulty answering the door on the best of days. When the sun is up and I can see. Halloween means strangers knocking and hollering at my door for a several hour stretch. It's not good for me.

edit--- correction in accordance with promise never to lie on forum. I've always lived in apartments, mostly. Trick 'r treaters have never knocked on my door. But they could though, and I fret about the possibility.
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I don't recognise halloween.. It's not a holiday and I don't like answering my door every five minutes.. So we turn the lights down and pretend no one is home..


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Halloween is also my brothers birthday so often times we have to stay in and do something with him even though he often ends up going out himself. It makes me kind of anxious because I hate answering the door and worry that if I don't then we'd get egged or something. It's the same with Christmas Carol-ers though, I guess, just less of the egg.


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The "holiday" itself doesn't bother me, aside from the fact it's shifted from dressing up in legitimate costumes to ward off ghosts and has become another reason to have a sale.

What apparently does bother me are the months of September/October - each time I've gotten this low, it was in one of those months. Weird.


I get a ton of candy and hand out handfuls as I watch the shinning, this will be the first year in many moons I have not done this little ritual. I loved Halloween as a kid and I want to make sure that other young people can experience the fun I had so many years ago.


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i like halloween. although it has lost alot of its importance now that im not a kid anymore. but im still gonna drag my family to fright nights tomorrow =P
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