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for quite a lot of my life i would have wierd patterns enter the corner of my vision (you know ive you close ur eyes and press against them, sorta like that.)
recently they have been happening more often and more detailed. for example today while walking in the forest next to my house i saw a blurry figure doing a walking movement then the next moment i see its just a tree stump. also while walking alone i heard this wierd squealing noise that didnt sound like any animal i know. Am i going insane?


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I don't think you are going insane, far from it. (but then that is purely my opinion)

I was once told that the figures that most people see out the corner of their eyes are spirits of loved ones that have died. That is their way of coming into our world. If you don't look at them, apparently they become clearer and closer. I'm not saying this is definite, and there will be many people that believe otherwise, but that is one explanation.

Also, tiredness and stress, etc, can do things like that. If it is bothering you, or stressing you out, then you could always go and talk to the doctor and see what s/he says/recommends.


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Less than 30 minutes ago I experienced a hallucination of some type, and I'm completely sober. I'm pretty shaken from the ordeal - as I've never seen anything like this in my life, even on drugs.

I was reading a book just before it happened. Here's the paragraph I had just read:

Now, the living system not only specifies these structural changes, it also specifies which perturbations from the environment trigger them. This is the key to Santiago theory of cognition. By specifying which perturbations from the environment trigger its changes, the system "brings forth a world," as Maturana and Varela put it. Cognition, then, is not a representation of an independently existing world, but rather a continual bringing forth of a world through the process of living.
Taken from p. 267 of this book.

Believe me, if you read the earlier part of the chapter that leads up to it, everything here will make sense. I was thinking about what this meant for about a minute, and was literally in shock when it hit me. That's when a brilliant white "star-like" ball of light illuminated right in front of me, hovering inches above the floor and then faded out within seconds. It scared the fuck out of me ! I checked the floorboards and everything, but nothing is out of the ordinary.

I honestly don't know what to think. The only thing I can figure is that I must be dehydrated. I don't feel sleep deprived, I'm wide awake.

I guess this seems like an insignificant hallucination compared to what some of you people probably experience, but this kind of thing never happens to me.
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