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Hamster :)

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As some people here know my hamster Pork Scratchings (Scratch for short) died 2 wedensdays ago, she had an infected uterus and despite the vets efforts she had to be euthanised

i know it seems heartless but today i got a new hamster, its not because i didnt like the last one, i still love Scratch very much, it was more because my room seemed so quiet without her in her cage, and i missed the company, my sister and i went to the pet shop and watched them for a while before picking one out, i actually feel quite guilty about it, not only had she just woken up but i was spliting her up from her sisters, but i also know you cant keep them together too long and she has a loving home with a really big cage now :smile:

and in keeping with my tradition of calling hamsters after pork products, this is Honey Roast Ham(ster)

when she first got home

she was very scared and decided to hide under the hay for a while

she's the first hamster ive owned that actually likes the wheel

and this is just cute (Scratch used to sit in her food too)

i havent managed to pick her up yet, i will as soon as she settles a bit, maybe tomorrow, i know shes been through a lot today, hopefully she'll happy in her new home


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Awwwwwwww, she looks really cute Bunny, though I definitly wouldn't pick her up... ever! :smile:

:hug: Hazel xx


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i still cant pick her up :sad: i tried, held her up a little but she jumped out of my hand, she so tiny, much smaller than Scratch ever was, its very hard to hold her and shes incradably fast too


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It's okay, just keep at it. You have to make sure you take her out lots to get her used to you :smile:.

When I get new rodent-types and I'm trying to get them used to me I find it really helpful to kind of rub my hands in their sawdust before handling them. That way you don't smell weird to them and they're happier to stay in your hands.

They also know if you're nervous and they're less happy to sit with you. Make sure you're calm when you take her out and that when you pick her us you don't make sudden movements or anything.

Do keep at it hon'. Don't worry, you're not traumatising her or anything! She just probably hasn't really got used to being handled by anyone yet. :hug:

She's ever so cute, and I love her name :smile:. What variety is she?


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aww she looks very cute.. it may take a few days for her to calm down and get used to her new home so don't worry too much about it.

Trouble says hi to her too..... :cat: :unsure:

Jenny x


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Bunners, just put your hand in the cage for a while each day til she gets used to your hand and your smell. Also hand-feeding her special treats will get her over to your side. I'm glad you got another one. Not forgetting your previous hamster, but to give a good life to another little creature! Honey is a lucky hamster!!:smile: :smile:

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