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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by cloudy, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    i just had a major fight with my boyfriend. he almost got us hit by a truck. i asked him to get out of the car and go home b/c i didn't want to fight in the car anymore b/c of the very thing that happened. i couldn't see if anyone was coming car/truck wise and i ended up pulling out in front of this black guy in a truck. he stopped at the stop sign in front of us and started coming towards us. i thought he was gonna shoot us both.

    my ignorant boyfriend started yelling at him etc. the guy got back in his car and drove slowly away. i told him this wouldn't have happened had you got out of the car in the first place. we were a block away from our house. this all started because i said it was dangerous for a lady and her baby ion a stroller to walk down a high traffic street.

    i am stressed out by college,harasser, my mental illness, and him. i have thought about hanging myself from the stairs b/c i can't get my mental illness under control. i am tired of all the arguing, especially in the car.
  2. Khloe

    Khloe Well-Known Member

    Babe, i'm here for you if you wanna talk?
    PM me, and i'll messege you straight back.. i'm also on msn!

    Deffinately don't do something silly babe, talk to us on here.

  3. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    lol. thanks.
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    hey, sorry to hear about what is going on.

    trying to go through school while you are in a crisis can be really tough and maybe it's better to get a medical incomplete/withdrawl.

    would you think about couples counciling with your bf?

    lowering your stress level would probably help a lot.
  5. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    lowering my stress level way down would be nice. i am starting to do yoga/meditation.
  6. MightyMatt

    MightyMatt Well-Known Member

    Hey Kinna,

    sorry to hear you under so much stress at the moment. Don't do anything rash, stay and talk on here, there are lots of people willing to listen. The whole hanging from stairs thing is not the way to go... I know through experience. Please don't try that. A few people I know have started Yoga/Meditation and they say it's great. I'm thinking of trying it myself. What do you think?
  7. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    i think it does better to ignore people and do the things that are important to you today. i need to stop thinking about death so much. there
  8. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    i hope the fuckers across the street shoot me. they yell at my house everytime i am coming home. they wait til i am inside. they started all this shit first. does no good to carry on people are not going to leave me alone. i know its just life and thats the way life is but to always have someone fuckingwith you for whatever reason is bullshit,. bullocks. for the birds. everyday. not going to stop.

    I almost had a good day today and that was screwed up by a fat polka dot bitch. My teacher is a fucking lying moron. I didn't know anything about that before hand is what she said.

    i hate people. 7 fucking years of this crap.
  9. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    fucking had enough of this shit to last a lifetime. i can't get my attitude to change so therefore, there's no change.
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