Happened again...

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    I'm going to start from the beginning...
    My mom keeps shouting at me and calling me a ***** and telling my dad it's either me or her going back to England (we're from there but my dad's job moved us to the USA)..And as a result I'm just suicidal and my school grades have dropped to hell. And I'm not a *****. I was raped but she doesn't believe me... I said I'd take a lie detector test but..Idk.
    And then I have a friend...Well...You'll see.
    From when I first met her.
    When I broke up with my bf, after 5 minutes, literally, she was dating him. Like wtf? I still had feelings for him. Not much of a friend thing to do...
    Lately, was my 16th birthday party. She couldn't show up and lied to me and my family about why. She actually had a guy coming over.
    And just, well, I posted on her FB picture of her and the guy "[He] looks high/drunk" and she said that I'm a bitch and shouldn't insult him like that? How was that an insult? Yeah, I don't like him because he's constantly mean to her but....That wasn't an insult. If someone said that to me I'd laugh and agree. LOTS of people have said that to me before. And I laughed and agreed. Although I've never been drunk or high.
    I just don't get it. How is she a friend?
    How can she say that saying that is not friend worthy but saying "I was trying to at least be her friend again but she's just a.... Well I'm not gonna say it but its a bad word lol." is friend worthy? How the hell?!
    I think I should stop here before I start using bad words..