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happy birthday dad x


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tomorrow would have been my dads birthday, and also my grans. my dad died in 1997 and my gran 1994. i miss them both tremendously and wish with all my heart i could have just one more day with them. i didnt get to say goodbye or i love you to either and this continues to eat me up inside. will see you both soon, with lots and lots of love.
Think of a good memory of your dad and your gran, one for each, or both together. Every day, bring those happy images to mind, and savor them. Feel the love. Let it spread through your awareness. Good memories can bless your life, even if there is the pain of the loss. *hug*


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You said goodbye - I would say "see you later"

I'm sure your dad was a lovely man - and your gran - well they can be wonderful - they do spoil you! Well little treats for me!

I know its hard - dread my folks dying on some ways - but sadly - life is short - and I guess that anyone else you love - always leave them with a kind world .

But if it was not - do not worry - we forgive loved ones.

I have said cruel things when young - and never told my parents I loved them till - wow - age 30 or something?

just presumed they knew.

they did - so don't worry about it mate.


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I am sure they knew you loved them...live for their memory and do what you would have wanted you to do...this is the best you can do when a loved one dies...my deepest condolences


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I'm sorry your feeling lonely, death is a real enemy. I love reading the bible, it can be very encouraging especially when we have to deal with trials and tribulations of life. I find it encouraging because it teaches that God, (his name is Jehovah-- Psalms 83:13) did not create life to be so full of problems and sorry. He has plans to fix this mess we're in. Even Death will be done away with and those that have died will be brought back to life right here on earth. We will be able to see our dead loved ones again. And enjoy their association. If you have time read John 5:28,29 also Acts 24:15. It's not a promise of men, but it's from the creator. If he created the first man he can surely recreate a man that has died.


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:hug: i understand what it feels like to lose a loved one. Im sorry. Im here if you ever need to talk, just a PM away. <3 take care.

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