Happy but sad?

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  1. Jessicakaire911

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    I got my marks back from summer school and I got very good marks compared to my normal ones. I was very happy untill I came home and showed my friends and family and they couldn't beleive it. My friends think they got it wrong or I cheated. Even though I actually tried and did what I was sposed. Is it weird that I just want one of my normal marks? Because this hurts more than if I failed. I mean I knew they thought I was stupid but still hurts.
  2. IamTetsuo

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    Well done on getting great marks! Sometimes people say insensitive things because they aren't thinking properly about it. Something that might help is to forgive them in your own mind, like "I'm sure they didn't mean to upset me and I'm really happy with my mark!"
  3. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Congrats on your marks. Sorry that you friends and family do not believe you. They might just be jealous of you.
  4. moxman

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    That is the BEST news I heard all day. I am so proud of you for doing so well.

    Don't worry what other people, some people are just mean and hurtful
  5. Petal

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    Well done to you, a huge congratulations. F those people that are trying to put you down. YOU put the work in it and YOU should be very very proud of YOU. Don't feel sad, celebrate and cheer. I for one am very happy for you :) Excellent stuff, what other people think doesn't matter. You know you got the marks fair and square so to hell with the rest of them. What are you doing to celebrate?
  6. Jessicakaire911

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    Nothing really