Happy Families? Nope.

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    Sorry but I just have to let this out...

    Ever since September, my Father has become a completely different man and to be honest, I'm the one too blame, to an extent - I opened part of my past to my parents, the two facts; that I have been bullied for 6 - 7 years - which has led to my Anxiety, the reason why I was unable to attend College during last September, that I had attempted suicide multiple times and that I was still suicidal at the time, believe it or not - The reason that I unveiled my past to them was because my father was denying me the right to visit my now ex-ex-girlfriend in Norway, this would be the first time that we met and my mother would be attending the 'adventure' too - the reason why he was denying me the right to see her for the first time was... that during the 6 - 7 years of Schooling, I had taken frequent days off due to depression and such but I never revealed that I was suffering from depression, I lied to my parents saying that I was ill... Anyway, that's the last reference that i'll make to my ex-ex-gf.

    During October, my father would engage in vigorous exercise, up to November, untill he had acquired a knee injury which had impaired his movement, to an extent where he was unable to run and he actually fainted at the top of the stairs, fell down the stairs, hit his head on the brick wall, gargled and then fell unconscious when he landed on the floor. We were all very worried about him, including my eldest brother, 23 years old, who ran down the stairs and shouted "Dad! Dad!"... I've never heard him sound so concerned about his father. My father shortly regained conscious but was very confused about; why he was on the floor and why we were all standing around him, asking him if he was alright and such - as the only thing he remembered is that he was trying to sit down on the top of the stairs and he remembered a distinct pain in his knee but nothing after that.

    We took him to the Hospital and the Doctors said he would be fine, my brother was very uncomfortable in the Hospital due to the fact that he had been to Hospital previously, many times for serious operations, I won't divulge what operations they were; for his sake... As a result, he ended up waiting in the car.

    Moving on, there has been large amounts of hostility and frustration between my brother and father, mainly due to my Brother dropping out of College when he was younger because he didn't like authority, my Brother taking drugs in the past and the fact that my Brother doesn't have a job which means that my Father has to pay every single one of my Brother's bills and insurance.

    My Mother is Bi-Polar Type II and I'm Bi-Polar Type I, so when the two of them argue, we get very worried about the two of them due to the fact that my Father is contemplating chucking my Brother out; My brother has no-where to go and limited friends in Swindon, the majority of his friends are in Colchester and St. Ives.

    My Brother is very prone to agression and he actually meets every single one of the symptoms of being HSP, which worries me because he will not seek out treatment due to his arrogance and 'pride'. He occasionally punches walls and such, to let his anger out which can be very scary, at times as you're constantly thinking "Is he going to take his anger out on me next?" and such.

    Most recently, my Brother has had a few computer troubles due to a faulty graphics card and I assume, faulty processor due to the large amounts of dust which have been present in my brother's room due the fact that he smokes alot, not just Tobacco either and of course, the dust clogs of the fan's and in turn, the fan's become less efficient and effective so the compontents/hard-ware in the computer become more prone to over-heating and when something gets too hot, it usually burns or even worse; melts.

    This had caused alot of frustation in my brother due to the fact that he doesn't have much of a life outside of the computer, if he has, then he hasn't made it very apparent. My Father built the computer about a few years ago and is reasonably experianced at building computers, he built mine and he's a former Electrician - He used to work for Phillips.

    My Brother had acted on his frustration by punching walls and various other objects as usual and today; he even came into my room, he looked very down and he told me that he didn't know what do, I asked him whether he was talking about the computer or something else, he said that it was mostly the computer and shortly after that, my brother argued with my Father and I stood up for my Father because my Brother failed to see that my Father was trying his hardest, as a result, he argued with me and shortly after that, he said that he had to go out otherwhise, I quote, "I'm going to kill myself." and then he drove off in his car... He's back now though but very quiet.

    Anyway, about my father... He's taking the exercise and improving himself a bit too far, he's swimming twice a week, running frequently and taking "Tai Chi" classes, which means that he's becoming less of a Father that he ever was and he's spending less time with my Mother. He constantly belittles my brother and fails to understand that my mother and I, both have a very serious mental condition.

    I predict that my Father will eventually leave my Mother, if I don't intervene by talking to him, that is and I know exactly what to say... That he's not very much of a Father anymore, I miss my father and such... I tend to speak to the heart, rather than the mind, when I'm trying to reason with someone...

    I'm just unsure about what his reaction will be, I'm not going to shout at him, that won't solve anything.

    I'm happy for my Father, to an extent... He's getting a life now, becoming 'cultured', he has more friends and of course, he's becoming more fitter and healthier as a result of the exercise and the balanced diet but... my Mother has no friends, I look after her everday and I do my best to keep her happy and such...

    Sorry... I'm just rambling now... I hope my Children won't be as bad as; me and my Brother... In turn, I hope I won't be as bad as my Father... -.-
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    I'm here for you...

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    Callum, mate, I'm really sorry to read all that :sad:

    All I can offer you from here is some big virtual hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

    and you can find my MSN addy in my profile, please feel free to add me, if you want to talk I'm here :arms: