Happy father's day!

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    To my ex husband-I made him a father and he made damn sure I have no relationship with my son -ever. Right from birth he shoved me aside, was controlling and abusive to me, is living with the woman that got my former job, house, son, ex. After many hours of being in labor he held my son for the first time-I did not get to hold him until 8 hours later and it was a natural birth. He would take my son places and leave me home, sent him to Europe twice, would disable the cars(we had 4) so I could go nowhere, showered my son with anything-cars, a huge trust fund-to keep him around. Bitter? H*ll yes! Suicidal? Yes. But I won't kill myself because of the SOB. He's just one in a long line of users and abusers.

    Happy father's day to my own father who found out about the incest between my grandfather and me when I was 2-3 yrs. old and never let one day go by that he didn't call me 'worthless' and 'I'd never amt. to anything'-something I've had to fight all my life. Thank you for never standing up for me.

    Happy father's day to my second husband who killed himself, but before he did that, financially ruined me behind my back. That sure was love. I hope your daughter is enjoying all the $$ I ever earned. Thank you for bashing my head into the outside wall of the house multiple times while telling me how much you loved me and nobody could ever love me like you did. I was sick enough to believe it-wow, no man would do that unless he really loved me. Yeah, frontal lobe trauma.

    Happy father's day to my grandfather who molested me and left me with no childhood, self esteem, power, long years of therapy, degradation, hatred, PTSD and the rest of the garbage.

    Happy father's day to my uncle who favored my sister and brother over me and left me with psychic scars.

    Happy father's day to the two men who used sex as revenge against me. You b*stards.
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    Sorry to read it all. This deserved a reply.

    Or an artificial internet hug that I'd only love to give you in real life (if you're one of those people who likes those). Or, like, a balloon or something. :hug:

    Anyway, you're heard. Hope you felt better after that.
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    ((((red ribbons))))
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    Thank you for the hugs! I needed them. Life has been painful...as it has been for all of us here or we wouldn't be here:(