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Happy ffn Easter!!

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it's Good Friday here and I sit alone feeling sorry for myself and crying..

I got a phone call from a lady to wish me a happy easter...
I've only met her twice..that's because I run into the back of her car!!!!!!!..

she's the only one who cared to bother about me...:sad: :sigh:

feeling sorry for myself...sorry..

I hope everyone else has a nice easter.:itachi:
happy easter! i totally forgot that was today. what a nice lady that is, send her an easter card:) i remember easter when i was young searching for eggs and everything, we should host an egg-searching competition on this forum ;)


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Happy Easter...and know we are here...would you like a PM or text on Sunday to brighten the day? Please let me know and it would be my pleasure...:bunny:...big hugs, J


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I have to go see my whole family at my brother's place on Sunday. I feel too shitty to do it and my sister, who's not talking to me, is going to be there to make it even more stressful. Good thing I can have a drink as soon as I get there. Too bad she can't because she's an alchoholic--ah hah, tough for her, stupid bitch. (She shouldn't have asked, nay, insisted upon knowing, what my problem was with her if she couldn't take it.)

Mr Stewart

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Will be seeing the 'da and his wife on sunday. It's been two months. Throw up the walls, slap on a -hopefully- convincing fake smile and say, "I'm doing just fine and how are you doing?" when they ask. Same as everytime I've seen them in the last 15 years. sigh...

Happy easter everybody. I do mean that. It ought to be happy for somebody.
I've been feeling very alone and depressed the last few days, more than usual anyway. Holidays always do this to me. It's the projected image of families all getting together, being happy and having a wonderful time. Those of us who don't have that are made to feel even worse about our isolation.

It's nice that the lady called you, that's really sweet!

I made the effort to remind distant family and friends that I exist and made and sent Easter cards to them all wishing them a good Easter weekend. I got one in return! :( Feeling very sorry for myself atm!


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it was Easter??? wow...didnt even notice...makes no difference to me what day of the week time of year it is...its just another day and i am more than happy to keep away from everyone, so no problem for me.

i am sorry that so many feel bad that they feel they have missed something, but easter is another religious festival that is now so commercial its lost its meaning and on that basis dont beat yourselves up feeling you are missing out...you are not!

:cake::flowers::burp: for all those who felt lost over the weekend
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