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Happy Happy Happy Hurray Hurray Hurray!

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Hi Guys!:smile:
For thoughs of you that know, My Best Friend Kathryn had been in a Coma Since a car crash on Wednesday. The Dr. Said she only had a 50/50 chance of ever waking up and that even if she did she was quite likely to have Brain Damage or some other serious issues.:smile:

Well at 2am this morning she Woke up!!!!!!!:laugh:
and so far all the signs point to her making a full recovery!!!:laugh:
shes going to have a lengthy stay in hospital but, everything is looking up at the moment!

I'd Just like to thank all the Guys and Girls who have supported me and prayed for kathryn, Guys its so totally great of you you are excellent people and i thank you so so much.:smile:

Lots of Love
From Josh
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