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happy moments?

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if you could replay a happy moment in your life what would it be??

mine would have to be the day i knew i had found my soulmate,we were out one night went for a late night coffee at the burger bar on the hill we just huddled together sat in front of the car looking out over the city,just a perfect moment.


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Towards the end of last summer I went with a friend and did a bungie jump off a crane on Brighton sea front. When I jumped I dived forward, arms out and made sure I kept my eyes wide open. That moment when my mind came to terms with what I had just done, just looking at the grass 150 ft below me as I began to pick up speed and head towards it with nothing but a glorified elastic band around my feet.
Thats the moment I would love to re-live right now.

I have had other times in my life when I have been more happy, but this is the most recent and its the one I would reply right now.


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Finding out I got into my top-choice boarding school. I got an email saying 'CA has news for you' or something along those lines and it had a video embedded in it. I clicked on it and it went to the page and said in giant letters 'YOU GOT IN!'

I screamed and literally danced around my house. It was something I'd wanted more than anything else, and one of the few moments of true happiness I've had in a really long time.


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-Green Day concert: It was my first concert ever and it was like a circus! Classic rock covers, TP guns, a Crazy Green Dude, men in drag...My mind went blank and it was just me and the music.
-GWAR concert: Not really a fan of the band, but the show was amazing. I moshed and got covered with "Lady Gaga's" blood. And after the show, I got tons of free and autographed stuff from the opening band because I understood one of the member's "This is my boomstick" shirt
-My recent trip to NY with my best friend: We saw American Idiot the musical (Billie Joe was fantasic as St Jimmy) and after the show we met his wife! She talked and laughed with us even though I made such a fool out of myself...such a nice lady :smile:

**I don't want any hate for Green Day :tongue: they were my "starter punk" band and I'm forever loyal**
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